Imlie (Imli) 19th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 19th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th September 2023 episode starts with Dadi telling Agastya to get married but Agastya declines.

She enquires the reason behind his not marrying, making Agastya bring up his dead father's marriage stating that he was never happy.

Dadi misunderstands Agastya's views against marriage to be English-mindedness and cries.

She expresses her desire to die leading Agastya to tell Dadi that he will introduce Chaudhary Sweets in the international market.

Dadi then tells Agastya that if he's not getting married, she'll outcast him from Chaudhary Sweets. 

Back in the village, Imlie sees a pamphlet of Agastya's cooking competition and wonders if she can be a cook.

Ashu enters and tells Imlie that he wants to compete with his declining health too, making Imlie state that he will be fine soon.

On the other hand, Agastya gets shocked by Dadi's statement while Dadi mentions that if he gets married, then the business will be his.

Amidst all this, Sonali thinks to herself that she has to protest against Dadi's statement since she can't let Agastya win.

Sonali tells Dadi that it's clear that she doesn't want to give the business to her but Agastya.

Dadi tells Sonali it's not so, making Alka term her a partial person while Dadi tells her that she believes in fairness, not partiality.

Sonali tells Dadi that business is related to profits and opening her briefcase, shows a bundle of money, making Agastya assume that the money is unfair.

Agastya tells Dadi that the food critics had come to check on their food since they believe some other particle is present in the khoya.

Dadi confronts Sonali about playing with people's lives and tells Agastya to get Chaudhary Sweets, he must get married, otherwise, she'll have to hand over the business to Sonali.

At Pallo's, Imlie hearing Pallo quickly hides the pamphlet after which Pallo tells Imlie that she's to go to Seth for a private function.

Imlie declines making Pallo reach out for her stick and run behind Imlie who gets hold of her phone and runs out.

However, Pallo gets hurt during the run, making Ashu laugh while Imlie climbs up the roof.

Meanwhile, Seth enters and seeing Sonali fight with Agastya suggests she not fight with him, making her go away.

Seeing the bar symbol on Seth's wrist, Agastya enquires him about his going there making Seth state that it was for the NGO.

On the other hand, Imlie receives a call and thinking it's Seth, talks to him rudely while Agastya from the other side, introduces himself.

Nayonika asks Agastya if there is some work making Agastya tell Imlie that he's expecting her to be present in a meeting.

Agastya cuts the call while Imlie thinks about what can she do and comes up with a plan.

Pallo tries to beat Imlie again making Imlie lie about a bhajan somewhere, thus convincing Pallo who walks away while Imlie runs out.

In the bar, Imlie asks for a holiday but the manager declines after which she gets a call.

She picks up the call and starts talking rudely, making Agastya from the other side introduce himself again.

Agastya asks Nayonika to come fast and cuts the call while Imlie thinks about a plan.

Imlie eats a lot of ice and gets a cold which doesn't make her sing properly, thus making the crowd beg her to stop.

Afterwards, the manager allows Imlie to go which leads Imlie to walk away from the bar.

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