Imlie (Imli) 1st January 2024 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 1st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 1st January 2024 episode starts with Vishwa, Agastya and Imlie running up to the masked killer who's dead now, and Imlie realises he as the waiter.

The next morning, Annapurna thanks god as Imlie's murderer is gone while Vishwa asks Imlie to come with him.

Imlie stands up and walks but trips leading Agastya to hold her when Vishwa comes in and picks Imlie up.

Vishwa asks Imlie to answer Agastya's question when Imlie states that she's with Vishwa as she wants to be with him.

Alka degrades Imlie and after a while, Agastya asks a person to find out the people living in the Mansion before.

There, Vishwa scolds Imlie as Agastya doesn't believe that they're together, making Imlie state that it's not her fault.

Vishwa tells Imlie to make Agastya believe that she likes him and goes away when Imlie gets a call from Bulbul.

Bulbul asks Imlie to come as she has a fever while in the police station, Sonali meets Amrit who asks her to forgive him.

Sonali asks Amrit for which mistake should she forgive him and tells Amrit to go back home after which she leaves.

Outside, Imlie comes to Bulbul only to see that she does not have a fever and Agastya tells Imlie that he got some information about Vishwa.

In the house, Vishwa gets to know from Navya that Imlie is not in the house leading him to track her.

Meanwhile, due to the spy watch Imlie refrains from going with Agastya but he picks her up.

Agastya asks Imlie if she'll be in the car trunk or sit with him leading Imlie to sit in the seat.

The car drives on as Agastya wants to show Vishwa's past to her when Vishwa calls Imlie and asks her to stop the car anyhow.

Agastya takes over and tells Vishwa to tell her whatever he wants as he knows he's talking about him.

Vishwa asks Agastya to give the call to Imlie leading them to fight after which Agastya gives the phone.

He asks Imlie to stop Agastya lest he will submit the proof in the station and then, Imlie stops the car and feigns about Agastya harassing her.

Imlie escapes and the men start beating Agastya thus, shocking her and she runs up to him and stops them.

She hugs Agastya and requests the men to leave further, scolding Agastya for not fighting back.

Agastya states that he'll take her to the location and after a while, Imlie agrees and soon they come to Chaudhary Sweets.

They go inside and search when they find out a banner containing Singh Sweets, making him realise that Tej Pratap Singh is Vishwa's father.

Just then, Annapurna calls Agastya and asks him to come fast and after a while, Agastya comes and sees the family out of the house.

Agastya sees the Singhs taking over the house and Annapurna states that Vishwa and his family are mistaken.

Vishwa states that nothing is a mistake, adding that since she had put the house on sale, he bought it.

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