Imlie (Imli) 20th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 20th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 20th December 2023 episode starts with Agastya looking for Imlie when he sees Meera walking ahead and stops hers. 

Meera recognises Agastya and stands shaking to see him come to her while he asks her if he has seen a girl in a red Sari. 

Meera points towards the woods where Agastya finds Imlie’s phone and a copy of the divorce papers. 

Agastya checks Imlie’s phone and dials the number of the person who has sent her the picture. 

Meanwhile, Imlie struggles to get free asking her kidnapper to show up when she hears the phone bell and picks up the call with her foot.

She tells him that the killer has kidnapped her and has brought her to the bar. 

Just then, the killer comes there, telling Imlie that she has done his work by calling Agastya. 

On being asked who he is, he reveals his face which renders Imlie in shock to see Amrit behind the mask.

Amrit tells her that she and Agastya have ruined his life so he is forced to take revenge on them. 

He threatens to kill Agastya while Imlie tells him to leave Agastya out of this. 

Amrit tells her that Agastya used her to get the business but she stupidly falls in love with him.

Imlie tries to appease him and tells him that she is ready to go with him so they should do it before Agastya can come. 

However, Amrit realises her trick and tells her not to take him for a stupid person. 

Just then, Agastya arrives there despite Imlie’s prayers while Imlie thinks of singing a song to warn him. 

Amrit looks surprised and tells her to stop while Agastya realises that Imlie is trying to warn him. 

Just then, Agastya flew in from the window and jumped on Amrit when he was about to hit Imlie.

Agastya overpowers him and is about to beat him when Imlie stops him. 

Amrit uses the opportunity to see Agastya shocked to see Amrit as Imlie’s killer.

After a while, he has him tied to the chair behind Imlie and tells him to tell Annapurna about the death of their marriage. 

Agastya refuses but gives in, seeing Imlie in danger and tells Annapurna everything after which Amrit tells her to come to the bar to pick up her grandchildren’s dead bodies. 

Amrit offers them time to say goodbye to each other while Agastya and Imlie begin to argue with each other to buy some time.

After a while, Agastya frees himself using Imlie’s pin and once again overpowers Amrit. 

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