Imlie (Imli) 20th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 20th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 20th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya picking up a shard of glass and cutting his phone cover saying that it will remind him that Imlie is not a trustworthy person.

He then says that money will make her come along with him as tonight he will give her thrice the amount of money.

Imlie looks at him with pain in her eyes as he leaves and then says to herself that she will die but never go along with him.

Elsewhere, Navya says to Vishva that she cannot wait for Shivani to come into their family and then says that just like Lord Ram, she will return to her house after years.

Agastya calls his employee and asks him to transfer the money into Imlie's account as soon as possible.

The Diwali celebrations are going on, Navya and her Vishva stand outside their old house where she tells him that she will avenge her husband's death from the Chaudhary.

Agastya is shocked to see Vishva but he looks at him with confidence while Karan introduces himself as Shivani's elder brother.

She goes to Agastya and stands beside him as Vishva sees the two with evil eyes.

Imlie says that she is sorry for being a little late and then starts taking blessings from everyone but Agastya's grandmother slides her feet back when Imlie tries to touch her feet.

Navya says that just like Imlie, Shivani will bring light to their house as Daughters are the incarnation of God.

Imlie goes behind Agastya and asks why was he making faces when Navya was complimenting her to which he replies that it is because he knows her true self.

Imlie leaves angrily when Agastya receives a call from her worker who tells him that Imlie's check has been bounced.

Agastya fails to listen to him because he is busy saving his grandmother who just tripped, he then tells his employee that he will talk to him later.

Imlie goes to Chutki and dresses him up when Karan comes and introduces himself.

He says that all the good words he heard about Imlie were true as she is as beautiful and virtuous as heard in the tales.

Meanwhile, Vishva walks around the house being reminded of the beautiful memories that he had with his father in the same house.

Agastya goes to him and says that it is time for them to change their relationship into a friendship, Vishva hesitantly shakes his hand.

Elsewhere, Imlie goes to the room to fetch the safety pins but runs into Agastya and scolds him for staring at her like a wild dog.

Agastya says that he was scared that he might start seeing the good in her but she made it very easy for her by her terrible attitude.

Imlie starts moving out but Agastya holds her hand and pulls her closer saying that no one walks out on him when he speaks.

Imlie starts crying and pushes him behind which makes him say that she has no right to play the victim's car.

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