Imlie (Imli) 20th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 20th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 20th September 2023 episode starts with Imlie hurringly coming inside to Agastya, Sonali and the investor's shock.

Agastya runs up to Imlie asking if her car isn't working.

Imlie tells Agastya that cars contribute to air pollution, so she's giving it a break. 

The investors applaud her words while Imlie comes in and chugs down water.

Agastya attempts to introduce Imlie to the investors but Sonali asks her to cook since that's her identity.

He agrees leading Imlie to go to the kitchen and prepare for cooking, but she coughs.

Seeing her cough, Agastya asks her to make green tea in the kettle since it'll help her.

Imlie is in a fix since she doesn't know how to use the kettle, so she uses the stove.

Agastya asks after her reason for choosing the stove leading Imlie to tell that she's saving electricity.

The investors again applaud her words after which Imlie starts cooking.

Later, Imlie presents various dishes in front of the investors.

Sonali comments that the appearance of the food is too simple.

Agastya then asks the investors to check the food, leading all of them to take a bite.

The investors say that the food is too simple which shocks Imlie.

However, she smiles when the investors tell her that the food reminds them of their childhood days.

Sonali then calls in her assistant and asks him to pack all the food and throw it in the dustbin.

Imlie interrupts the assistant stating that the food will be distributed among the poor.

This again makes the investors happy about Imlie while they congratulate Agastya.

The investors go away followed by Sonali after which Agastya thanks Imlie for finalising the deal. 

Imlie thanks him too for suggesting green tea after which the packed food arrives.

Agastya insists he goes forward and distributes the food to the kids and gives Imlie his door keys so that she can lock it. 

He goes forward while from the back Imlie thanks god for finalizing the deal. 

Back at the village, Imlie walks with Agastya who asks the meaning of her name, Nayonika.

Imlie answers it sour which amazes Agastya after which a group of kids surround them for food.

Agastya suggests the kids wash their hands which silences them.

Nevertheless, Imlie gives them food after which they run away.

Agastya comments the kids were going to jump on them for food making Imlie state that it's their nature to do so.

He further adds that the rich never run from their duties, unlike the poor.

Remembering Kairi, Imlie states that there are rich people who deny their duties too.

Imlie asks Agastya the reason behind him hating poor people leading Agastya to say that they are lazy.

Imlie states that they are more efficient than rich people but are never allowed to show their talents.

Agastya tells the poor people to be cheats while Imlie adds that rich people are cheats too.

After a while, Agastya asks Imlie about what was she going to ask him.

Imlie thinks to herself that she can't ask for advance from Agastya otherwise he'll think that she's poor, so she doesn't tell him anything. 

At night, Imlie states that Kairi's rich in-laws are responsible for Ashu not having her shadow. 

However, she thinks about why Agastya hates the poor while at Chaudhary's, Agastya cries while reading Dhanraj's suicide letter.

Agastya cries stating that Dhanraj was his world but his poor lover ruined him adding that this is reason enough why he hates the poor.

At the village, Imlie gets flashbacks of Mami telling during Kairi's funeral that her in-laws left her to die while pregnant. 

At present, Imlie talking about Kairi's photo cries wondering why her in-laws left her to die.

Meanwhile, Agastya pledges to destroy Dhanraj's poor lover while from the other side, Imlie pledges to destroy Kairi's husband.

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