Imlie (Imli) 21st November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 21st November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 21st November 2023 episode starts with Imlie walking Chutki down the stairs.

Daadi tells her she's looking very gorgeous while Avi's mother expresses that she's elated to have fix his relationship in such a respectful family as theirs is.

Hearing this, Daadi flees the scene and is followed by Rashmi and Imlie.

Daadi is tense about the fact that if Chutki's in-laws came to know about Imlie's dancing and singing in the bar, Chutki's marriage would be in danger.

Avi's mother arrives there and inquires about why Daadi and Rashmi are crying to which Rashmi dodges the situation by saying that they're just emotional about Chutki's departure. 

Meanwhile, Karan is preparing everything for the firecracker show while Bano offers him help which he politely rejects.

Chutki gets emotional about the fact that this will be her last Diwali in the house where she grew up.

Jugnoo's sister asks him whether he's okay to which he says that nothing is okay and he'll leave this place for some time. 

On the other hand, Sonali expresses her doubts about Amrit but Amrit puts every blame on Jugnoo.

The firecracker show begins and Imlie gets so mesmerized by it that she happily clings on to Agastya.

However, she soon realises the close proximity and apologises that she forgot what was happening for a moment.

Agastya looks at his mobile cover and replies that he will never forget.

Meanwhile, Shiva nods at Avi's mother and starts advancing towards Agastya's room but coincidentally Imlie also enters the room and locks it.

Imlie fixes her saree while Vishwa shuts his eyes as she does so.

Imlie leaves the room but stops and looks back to find Vishwa there standing outside the room but he manages the situation by saying he was trying to find the washroom and got lost.

In the meantime, Imlie and Agastya share some glances filled with mixed emotions and Imlie stumbles due to it.

Rashmi tells Imlie to ask Dolly to warm the milk for Avinash and Chutki's next ceremony while Dolly trips and the milk gets spoilt.

Immediately, Imlie goes to get new milk packets from the fridge.

Navya asks Shiva whether he got what they were looking for to which he just declined.

Elsewhere, Imlie slips making Agastya catch her resulting in the milk getting spoilt again.

Chandu shows Rashmi the video of Imlie smashing Agastya's car but they both dodge the situation and escape the scene.

Meanwhile, Imlie's friends come to give her milk but her friend says something disturbing to her after watching Amrit's car.

Imlie confronts Amrit and accuses him of setting the office on fire as his friend has seen his car on that scene.

Amrit gets furious and is about to hit Imlie when he's stopped by Sonali.

Sonali asks them what happened and Imlie tells Sonali that Amrit was the one to set the bhandar on fire.

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