Imlie (Imli) 21st October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 21st October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 21st October 2023 episode starts with Annapurna telling Agastya to call Imlie’s parents home, the next day so she can meet them. 

On the other hand, Imlie walks quietly to leave the house before anyone can spot her. 

As Annapurna asks Dolly to bring Imlie to her, Agastya recalls Imlie sleeping on the floor and stops Dolly. 

He tells Annapurna that Imlie is asleep and will feel awkward to see a stranger so he will go and get her. 

Sonali suspects that Agastya is hiding something and tells Annapurna that they should go to Imlie’s room instead to which Annapurna agrees. 

At the same time, Agastya realises that Imlie has run away from the house and is about to go after her when he hears Annapurna’s voice coming close and rushes to shut the door to wait outside. 

Just then, Manno, Govind, and Ragini also join Annapurna asking them what they are doing outside Agastya's room so late in the night. 

Manno even teases Agastya about his wedding night which makes Annapurna angry and she scolds her for being so literal in front of his brothers. 

Annapurna tells Agastya to tell Imlie to call their parents tomorrow as she would want to meet them. 

Later, Sonali challenges Agastya that he might have won this night but tomorrow will be hers and he will be the loser with the coin.

Meanwhile, Imlie arrives at the hospital to meet Aashu and is relieved to see him back to his old self. 

However, Ashu notices Imlie’s changed dress and vermillion-filled hairline, asking her why she looks like this. 

Imlie distracts him by telling him to rest and not take her test and later tells Titu, Shankar and Bunty everything that has happened so far. 

Mami and Bulbul also overhear Imlie’s story and try to accuse her of playing with their family reputation. 

However, Imlie reminds them of all the things that they have been doing and warns them to keep their mouth shut.

Later, Agastya is about to go in search of Imlie, thinking that she must have gone to the bar because he stopped her from singing in the house. 

Meanwhile, Imlie returns home and loses her way to the room. 

After a while, she locks herself in a storeroom and presses the alarm as her Sari gets stuck in the door.

Agastya realises that it must be Imlie who has tripped the alarm and goes to get her out. 

Meanwhile, other family members also wake up wondering who got trapped in the storeroom this late in the night. 

At the same time, Agastya opens the door to find Imlie struggling to free her Saari and bends down to release it.

As he walks inside to shut the alarm, the door gets locked again and Imlie and Agastya get tangled into each other while trying to stop the door. 

Later, the family opens the door to find the couple engrossed in each other while Manno smirks at the scene. 

Agastya and Imlie blush at being caught like this while Sonali asks Imlie to explain why is she here and why did she not shut off the alarm when she comes from a rich family. 

However, Imlie tells her that at their house they do not have an alarm system but their doors and heart are open for everyone. 

Sonali gets tickled and tells Annapurna that it will be very interesting to meet Imlie's family while Agastya wonders how will he arrange a fake rich family for Imlie by morning.

Later, in their room, Agastya gets angry at Imlie for going to the bar despite the enormous amount he is paying her. 

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