Imlie (Imli) 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 22nd December 2023 episode starts with Imlie noticing Agastya settling the bed on the floor when he asks her to sleep and goes up on the bed.

Agastya sleeps and Imlie lies down thinking why is she watching him sleep.

The next morning, Imlie hears Annapurna calling out for people for Shivani's wedding.

Imlie goes up to the bed to call Agastya who pulls her closer, making her heart beat faster.

Soon, Agastya wakes up and Imlie tells him to meet Annapurna all the while getting weirded out.

Afterwards, Imlie helps Shivani choose a lehenga and earring, asking her what is it like to fall in love.

Shivani states that when in love, the heartbeats go faster and one feels bubbles in the heart.

Imlie dismisses it and goes away to see Agastya settling the decorations of Shivani's mehendi.

She stares at him until he's taken by Karan after which she imagines Agastya singing a song. 

Imlie shuts her ears and runs away when Agastya asks her if she's okay and asks for help in settling the flowers. 

She gives the flowers to Agastya leading him to touch her hand and then, she feels love's bubbles as Shivani stated.

On the other hand, Vishwa sees the contract paper of Agastya and Imlie's marriage and resolves to use love as a tool to take Imlie off from Agastya.

Afterwards, Imlie serves juice to everyone and goes to give it to Rajni when she sees Agastya.

Again, Imlie gets lost and this results in overflowing the glass with juice.

Sonali makes Imlie aware of it and she apologises to Rajni who goes away to clean it. 

Further, Imlie compliments Shivani's mehendi when Annapurna states that Imlie must have the bridal mehendi on her hands too.

Outside, the priest gives food to Meera and goes away and Meera waits on when she sees the killer.

Inside, celebrations begin in the Chaudhary household and Imlie stares at Agastya.

However, Sonali asks Imlie what's the point as Imlie and Agastya are in a contract marriage.

From a corner, Vishwa stares at Imlie, making Avinash state that Agastya won't spare him.

However, Vishwa murmurs to himself that Imlie is not Agastya's wife.

Meanwhile, Meera enters the Mansion under the disguise of being one of the caterers.

Suddenly, Alka asks Meera to stop and she does so, making Agastya come and thank Meera for helping him in catching the killer. 

Annapurna asks Agastya to take care of Meera who then tries to give her money for helping him.

Meera doesn't accept the money, making Agastya ask her to bless her and she gives her the blessing.

From a corner, the killer sees Imlie who on the other hand, freaks out as Agastya's name is written on her hand.

Imlie gets up when she crashes against Agastya and some of the mehendi goes to her hair.

This results in Agastya cleaning her hair and Imlie feels the bubbles again, making her stammer.

Imlie scolds Agastya for touching her and goes away, making Agastya resolve to find out what's troubling Imlie.

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