Imlie (Imli) 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 22nd November 2023 episode starts with Imlie revealing to Sonali that Amrit is the one behind the fire in the Choudhary Confectionary. 

Sonali looks at Amrit in shock while the family is happily preparing for the next ritual. 

Imlie is coming out of the kitchen still thinking about Sonali defending her from Amrit when she saves herself from bumping into Dadi. 

Dadi asks her if she's gone blind when Imlie tries to apologize but is stopped by Dadi who tells her that she has kept her in the house only due to the marriage functions going around. 

She takes the tray of juice from Imlie and calls out to Agastya, giving it to him. 

Further, Imlie bumps into Sonali once again who tells her that even though they are not friends or enemies, she wants to ask her not to tell anyone about Amrit's deed. 

She reasons that she cannot take any step against him until she has proof and has already seen Amrit trying to hit her. 

Before Imlie can respond, Sonali walks away from there. 

Later, all the couples sit for the next rituals when Navya asks them why they all are silent to which Dadi states that they are only getting emotional. 

Agastya puts the bangles in Imlie's hands injuring her in the process and asks her if she's okay to which Dadi tells him to keep going with the ritual. 

Once all the guests leave, the ladies start cleaning up as Dadi comes to Imlie and takes the plate from her, throwing it on the ground. 

She tells Imlie not to do the drama of being a daughter-in-law, reminding her that she's there only until the marriage ends. 

Imlie asks if she can help until she is there but Dadi tells her that she's a burden and tells her to stay in the corner of her room till the marriage is done. 

Elsewhere, Navya and Vishwa talk about their plan when she reveals that she's worried Avi has started falling for Shivani.

Elsewhere, Imlie cries in her room while Agastya watches her from the door and feels helpless.

He goes out into the hall where he bumps into Rajni and Govind who request him to console Imlie since she is hearing Dadi's taunt after they brought her back. 

Hearing this, Agastya angrily goes back to his room and accuses Imlie of being a treacherous woman while she asks him what is wrong. 

He talks about how she acted nice in front of Rajni and Govind when in reality, she came back only since the money was transferred into her bank account.

Imlie is about to reveal the truth to him but stops herself, recalling Sonali's request. 

Later, Imlie is in the garden when she lets out a blood-curdling scream seeing the yellow butterflies waking up everyone.

Agastya runs to Imlie when she cries while the family gathers around. 

He calms her and takes her downstairs where she apologizes to everyone but Dadi starts calling her characterless. 

Just then, all the family members get a message on their phones and they are shocked to see Shivani's picture with Ravi. 

Rajni questions Shivani and slaps her for doing such a thing while Dadi orders Imlie not to interfere in family matters. 

Dadi rebukes Shivani and Imlie intervenes, requesting the family to listen to Shivani at least. 

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