Imlie (Imli) 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 23rd November 2023 episode starts with Imlie asking Annapurna to give Shivani a chance to talk for herself but Annapurna is not ready to listen to anything.

Imlie says that every person these days meets new people often and they learn new lessons like Shivani has done after which she has introduced Avinash to the family.

Agastya says that he hates to disclose it but Imlie is right in this matter and they cannot blame Shivani just because she had an ex-boyfriend in the past.

Annapurna asks Agastya why he does not feel that anything is wrong when his sister is sitting on other men's laps and kissing them shamelessly.

Imlie says that they should talk to Navya once about this matter and explain to them beforehand so that no confusion arises but Annapurna warns everyone not to disclose any information about this blackmailer to Avinash's family.

Rajni asks Imlie if everything will be all right to which Imlie replies that they need to be clear as Shivani has done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, Navya shows Avinash the lehenga that she chose for Shivani but is shocked to see the top as a sleeveless one.

Avinash tells Navya that the one she chose was very old-fashioned which leaves Navya silent and she says that she does not want to put any restrictions on what Shivani wears.

She tells Avinash to let Shivani wear that lehenga any day else as all the guests will be there and it will not look good if she wears such clothes.

While preparing to go to sleep, Imlie tells Agastya that they should do something to clear out this situation but Agastya reminds Imlie about Annapurna's reaction.

Imlie says that she also had many lovers in the past which picks Agastya's interest and he asks Imlie to tell him about her past.

However, Imlie changes the topic and talks about Noyonika to Agastya which gives him the signal that she does not want to reveal anything about her past to him.

Thinking about any way to lift up Shivani's mood, Imlie asks Agastya to come with her and gathers Sonali and Shivani who cook noodles for everyone.

Karan joins them when Shivani shows Imlie the photos of Avinash with his past girlfriends which leaves Imlie shocked.

Shivani says that she and Avinash do not have any problem with the issue of exes but Annapurna is making a big fuss about it, making everyone laugh.

A hooded man is seen to kill one of the servants of the Chaudhary mansion and Imlie almost catches a glimpse of that man before he takes his last breath.

Everyone gathers to enjoy the noodles together when Annapurna comes there and asks everyone to come out as she notices the plate of noodles on the table.

Annapurna says that she will throw out Imlie first after Shivani is married and leaves for her room.

The next day everyone gets busy with the Roka function while Sonali asks Amrit to come home immediately.

Navya does not seem happy to see Shivani wearing the strapless lehenga when everyone gets messages on their phones at the same time.

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