Imlie (Imli) 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Annapurna telling Imlie that she has failed to fulfil an important duty of a married woman. 

Meanwhile, Bulbul tells Pallavi that it seems Annapurna will throw Imlie out of the house because of her mistake. 

Imlie asks Annapurna what she did while Annapurna tells her that she is not wearing vermillion or Mangalsutra. 

In the meantime, Imlie tells her that she forgot to apply it in a hurry while Annapurna tells her that being married is a blessing and that she should not take these things lightly. 

Agastya tells Annapurna that they did not get the time to arrange for Vermillion or Mangalsutra and she is being old-fashioned. 

Annapurna disapproves of Agastya’s behaviour towards tradition and tells him that one day she will also look useless to him. 

Sonali also asks Agastya if he has really married Imlie or has brought her in a bridal costume for their sake. 

On hearing that his marriage certificate is available for them to see, Annapurna tells him to also put the Mangalsutra and vermillion on Imlie for her happiness so that Imlie can become a true daughter-in-law of the house. 

Meanwhile, Imlie stands shocked at this new demand as she considers vermillion and Mangalsutra pious. 

Afterwards, Annapurna tells Imlie that now she is Agastya’s wife in the true sense. 

Later, at Annapurna’s order, Imlie begins to perform the aarti and sings it too. 

Meanwhile, Bulbul thinks of doing something so that Imlie gets thrown out of the house as she cannot let Imlie enjoy all this alone. 

Just then, Bulbul sees Annapurna drop her bracelet without being aware of it and Bulbul picks it up, later putting it in Imlie’s arm so she gets accused of stealing. 

After the Aarti, Annapurna realises that her family heirloom is missing and that is a blessing from her mother. 

Rajni tells her not to worry as it must have gotten dropped here and that they will find it.

As everyone gets busy looking for the bracelet when Imlie see that the bracelet is in her hand. 

She recognises Bulbul’s hand behind this and that she wants her accused of stealing but decides to return the bracelet to Annapurna. 

Meanwhile, Sonali and Alka use this opportunity to paint Imlie as a thief but Agastya comes to her rescue and tells everyone that Imlie comes from a rich family and yet left everything to be independent, why would she need to steal anything? 

He also tells them that Imlie has everything including him and does not need to steal. 

Annapurna also realises her mistake and tells Imlie that she should not be so quick in judging her. 

She also tells everyone that now they should proceed to the dinner table. 

Imlie feels grateful to Agastya and thanks him for standing by her side when Agastya rebukes her, saying he has no choice. 

He also warns her to keep her greedy hands to herself while she is his wife or he will not be so kind next time. 

Meanwhile, Sonali wonders why Imlie’s family remained silent when she was being accused. 

Later, Pallavi puts a silver spoon in her purse which Imlie notices and tells her to put back. 

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