Imlie (Imli) 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 23rd September 2023 episode starts with Imlie singing but gets uncomfortable when Amrit starts behaving obscenely. 

A man noticing this, sends guards to control Amrit who tells him that he came to greet Imlie.

Imlie signals the man stating that she'll deal with Amrit outside, and Agastya drives in.

Agastya attempts to take out the photo but keeps it in, planning to open it in front of Amrit.

However, the photo flies away leading him to come out of the car.

Inside, Amrit asks Imlie to dance but Imlie places a dupatta and makes him dance.

This makes the crowd roar out in laughter making Amrit angry.

Amrit tells Imlie that she didn't do good by doing this to him, making Imlie state that she's not a dancing doll.

The guards do away with Amrit while on the other hand, the photo flies into the bar making Agastya come in.

He ultimately gets the photo but spots Imlie(Nayonika) who hurries inside.

However, Agastya thinks he is hallucinating leading him to ask a man about who was there on the stage.

The man says it's Imlie and brings him off stage to greet Imlie.

Agastya reaches inside and asks for Imlie but is greeted by another woman who asks him to leave.

Previously, Imlie noticing Agastya quickly hid herself under the shelf.

Agastya walks away leading Imlie to come out of her hiding place who then plans to tell everything to Agastya beforehand.

Outside, a tipsy Amrit is greeted by Agastya who asks him about what he's doing in the bar.

Amrit states he is here to save a minor girl after which Agastya asks if he's drunk.

He states that a man spilled wine on him after which Agastya shows Nayonika's photo to Amrit.

Amrit looks at the photo and tells Agastya to get married to Nayonika.

However, Agastya doubts if there'll be a love in the relationship. 

Amrit mentions that love is not related to marriage leading Agastya to ask Amrit if he doesn't love Sonali.

He agrees to do so after which Amrit gets inside the car while in the village, Bitti tells Pallo that she's talking to Amrit by being Imlie.

She drops a text to Amrit but in the car, Amrit ignores her text.

On the other hand, Agastya asks Amrit if there's trust between Sonali and him leading him to answer positively. 

Meanwhile, seeing no reply Bitti gives another message making Amrit, from the other side come out for the loo.

He calls Bitti and states he will not give her money, making Bitti understand that Imlie misbehaved with him.

However, Bitti convinces him with a kiss after which Amrit pays her Rs 5000.

This makes Pallo and Bitti happy while on the other hand, Amrit hearing Agastya hurries to the car.

Later, Agastya asks Amrit to walk back home since he has to go to the office.

On the other hand, Imlie cries about lying to Agastya about being Nayonika when she receives a call from Mama.

From the other side, Mama informs Imlie of Ashu's health condition going bad and asks her to come soon.

Meanwhile, Agastya calls Jugnu up and asks him not to tell anyone about him being in the hospital.

Later, Agastya hears Imlie from the inside quarters begging the doctor to save Ashu anyhow.

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