Imlie (Imli) 24th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 24th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 24th December 2023 episode starts with Imlie sleeping while the killer approaches her with the khupri and from outside, Meera notices its reflection.

Meera screams outside and then throws a stone inside making Imlie wake up after which she notices the shattered glass and stone. 

Just then, Agastya and others come asking for Imlie and she informs them about the stone. 

Afterwards, Vishwa tells the family to sleep as everything is safe and Imlie asks Sonali if she can sleep with her. 

In the bar, a man who is none other than the killer himself covers his wounds.

The next morning, the Chaudhary siblings practice dancing for Shivani's engagement.

Imlie struggles with Agastya thus deciding to not dance and Agastya too gives up.

Govind asks Agastya what's wrong making Agastya tell him that Imlie didn't tell him.

He then advises Agastya to openly and lovingly ask Imlie about the issue.

In the evening, Imlie faces confusion choosing an earring making Agastya come and make her wear the earrings of his choice. 

Agastya asks Imlie what's going on with her making Imlie deny it as it's not easy leading Agastya to ask Imlie to tell it fast.

He asks Imlie to come down for dancing making her surprised as Agastya didn't practice dancing. 

Afterwards, Vishwa calls Imlie and she goes up to him after which he opens up to her about his identity. 

Vishwa states that he's Tej's son and states that he died as the Chaudhary's took over their sweets shop.

He states that he's here to avenge his father's death making Imlie shocked.

There, Agastya searches for Imlie when Karam suggests he come up for the celebration and leads him forward.

Afterwards, Shivani introduces the Chaudhary boys for the dance and this leads Govind and everyone to dance.

Everyone claps for them when Imlie comes in and Agastya comes up to her.

Suddenly, the lights go dim and Agastya sings a song in which he asks her to stay with him.

Both look at each other and the lights get on further leading Agastya to ask Imlie what happened.

Imlie tries to tell Agastya but she sees Vishwa causing a flashback to occur.

After Vishwa stated his desire to get revenge on the Chaudhary's, Imlie decided to not let the marriage happen between Shivani and Avinash. 

However, Vishwa threatens Imlie with the contract between her and Agastya but Imlie doesn't get scared from that.

This leads Vishwa to show a video to Imlie and this makes Imlie scared.

Back at the present moment, Agastya asks Imlie to open up when Vishwa raises a toast to Shivani and Avinash.

Vishwa suggests opening a small business stating that he got inspiration from him.

Agastya agrees to help Vishwa but he states that more than his help, he needs Imlie which makes everyone shocked.

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