Imlie (Imli) 24th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 24th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 24th November 2023 episode starts with Navya getting up in anger and asking Annapurna what she has to say after seeing such a photo of Shivani with another man.

Annapurna says that Navya is having a big misunderstanding regarding the whole situation and she accepts that Shivani has committed a mistake that she should not have done.

Navya says that she will not let Avinash get married to a girl with such immoral character which triggers Imlie but Annapurna says that Shivani has learnt her lesson.

As Annapurna is about to join her hands to say sorry, Imlie stops her and tells Navya that she cannot just defame Shivani like that because of one partner that she had in her past.

Navya says that she does not trust a girl who has had past relationships with other men and that shows how dirty her blood and upbringing are.

Imlie tells Navya that she saw that Avinash had four girlfriends during his college time but she is not blaming Navya's blood or upbringing for that.

Hearing that triggers Navya very much and she raises her hand to slap Imlie which gets stopped by two hands- one of Agastya and another of Vishwa.

Navya walks out of the house and Vishwa runs after her assuring the family that he will bring Navya back in ten minutes.

After coming outside, Navya asks Vishwa to call Avinash outside as she does not want that marriage to happen but Vishwa reminds her that their prime motive is to take revenge on the Chaudhary family.

Everyone looks tense inside the house with Shivani crying after which Avinash says that he is coming back after seeing what happened between Navya and Vishwa.

Annapurna gets a hold of Imlie and asks her why she interrupted the conversation to which Imlie replies that she could not see Annapurna apologizing for something she has not done.

Agastya sides with Imlie and says that she did everything right after which Navya comes back and apologizes for overreacting so much.

The function resumes and everyone sings and dances together while Jugnu calls Chandu but does not get to contact him as he has been attacked by the hooded man the past night.

Shivani thanks Imlie for being there for her in this tough fight while Agastya and Vishwa both smile on seeing Imlie acting like Shivani's elder sister.

Later, Imlie tells Annapurna that she will leave the house after the marriage is over but Annapurna needs to tell Navya that Imlie is actually a bar singer.

Annapurna is shocked on hearing such a suggestion after which Agastya hears it and asks Imlie if she has lost her mind.

Imlie tells Agastya that the truth will come out one day and it is better for them to say it before anything else happens but Agastya says that he has many secrets like their contract marriage and Imlie taking money which Annapurna hears.

Annapurna asks Agastya what he is talking about while he and Imlie get nervous.

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