Imlie (Imli) 24th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 24th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 24th September 2023 episode starts with Agastya eavesdropping on Imlie's conversation with the doctor who's begging him to do Ashu's treatment. 

The doctor states it's impossible since free medical treatment isn't ethical and walks away.

Mama tells Imlie that he'll manage something after which both of them move forward to the door.

Sensing that they are near the door, Agastya quickly walks away while Imlie comes out.

Outside, the barman cryingly wishes he could be of some use to Imlie, making Imlie state that she's ready for a private function.

Just then, the doctor comes in and tells Imlie that Ashu's treatment has started adding that the payment has been done by a man.

The doctor walks away while Imlie and the man pray for the man, unbeknownst that it's Agastya, to always be happy.

On the other hand, Ashu not drinking the bitter medicine runs away from the doctor and nurse, taking the medicine along with him.

Outside, Ashu trips against a man leading him to lose his hold on the bottle, when Agastya catches the bottle.

He then thanks Agastya for catching the bottle but Agastya enquires about why was he running away.

Ashu complains to Agastya about the doctor and nurse trying to force-feed the medicine to him and starts crying.

Agastya recalls how he used to run away from bitter medicines too and how Dhanraj used to distract him with a story.

He then does the same thing with Ashu by creating a fictional character named Helly and feeding him the medicine.

Ashu then hugs and kisses Agastya after which Agastya asks about his parents.

Ashu states they're dead and asks Agastya if his parents are dead too which saddens Agastya.

Inside, Imlie enquires the doctor about Ashu and gets to know that Ashu ran away.

Outside, Ashu tells Agastya that both their parents are friends so they should be friends too.

Agastya then asks Ashu about who taught him such cute words while on the other hand, Imlie calls out for Ashu.

She ultimately comes outside leading Ashu to run towards her and Imlie scolds him for running away.

Ashu tells Imlie that he saw the man who paid for his medicines and pulls her along with him to the man.

However, Agastya has already gone after which Imlie tries to feed him the medicine but Ashu states that he's had it.

She hugs him and thinking about the man silently states that from now onwards, he is her hero.

The next morning, Dadi again asks Agastya to get married stating that even Amrit has seen Nayonika now.

Meanwhile, Amrit enters and asks Agastya to get married, taking Sonali aside. 

Amrit thinks to himself that after Agastya gets married and Sonali starts the business, he will be able to woo Imlie.

Meanwhile, Agastya tells Dadi that he will not marry leading Dadi to walk away silently.

Agastya follows her and Dadi faints, leading Agastya to tell Govind to call the doctor. 

He walks away leading Dadi to get up quickly, making the others realise that she was acting.

Dadi mentions that she had to blackmail Agastya in this way, making Agastya from the other side, hear out everything. 

She then walks up to Agastya stating that she's not immortal leading Agastya to agree to the marriage but under two conditions. 

Agastya states that he wants to ask Nayonika if she's marrying voluntarily, making Alka state that the Johris have decided it.

However, Agastya states that he wants to know from Nayonika if she's marrying by choice or pressure.

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