Imlie (Imli) 25th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 25th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th December 2023 episode starts with Viswa talking about how he wants to start his own business and open up sweet shops of their own franchise.

Agastya says that he is glad that Viswa is planning to start a new business and asks him if he can do anything for Viswa and his business.

Viswa says that he wants Imlie which leaves everyone shocked after which he clarifies that he needs Imlie for his shop as she is a great cook and is not doing anything at present.

As Viswa asks if Imlie can work with him, Annapurna says that Agastya has thought something about Imlie from before and it has been decided that she will work in their own factory.

Viswa turns to Imlie which puts her in a difficult situation and she says that she is ready to work with Viswa in his business.

Agastya and the family members stand shocked after hearing Imlie's decision and Imlie asks Viswa to prepare the required papers.

With the function coming to an end, Annapurna along with others discuss how Imlie accepted Viswa's offer without thinking about everything and taking her time.

Alka says that Imlie should not have said yes to the offer as they are the family of Shivani's husband and it does not look good to work under them while belonging to this family.

Annapurna says that she even signed the appointment letter and asks Agastya if he knows anything about Imlie's changed decision.

Agastya says that he does not anything about Imlie's decision after which he comes to his room angrily and tears the appointment letter.

Meanwhile, Imlie asks Viswa if his revenge is done and says that she does not care anymore about Agastya and his family as she will leave after a few days.

Viswa says that he has seen Imlie's passionate love for Agastya and knows that she can even die for him which he uses against her.

Imlie stands in shock as Viswa says that she will do everything he says or else, he will make sure to let Agastya and the entire family suffer through the flames of hell.

After discussing the things, Imlie comes back home where she confronts the entire family but Agastya surprisingly, takes Imlie's side in this case.

Agastya says that Imlie has not done anything wrong as she has the right to choose where she wants to work which makes Imlie emotional and she runs away from there.

Sonali comes to talk to Agastya and praises him for his support toward Imlie but Agastya says that he is barely hiding his temper.

Agastya says that he cannot find any reason behind Imlie rejecting his offer after which Sonali asks him by what right he is asking Imlie to work for him.

Sonali says that the contract will end in a few days after which Imlie will leave him, and asks Agastya to realize his own feelings.

Agastya drives the car in a hurry and reaches a campsite to search for Imlie after which he finds her crying alone.

Imlie tries to walk away silently but Agastya holds her arm and asks Imlie if she is in love with him, leaving Imlie shocked.

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