Imlie (Imli) 25th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 25th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th September 2023 episode starts with Agastya putting forth his condition in front of his family stating that he will ask Noyonika if she's marrying due to family pressure. 

The second condition is he wants Govind to sing at his wedding, making Dadi irk while all the family gets happy for Agastya. 

On the other hand, Imlie plays the flute during which Bunty asks her to help him make alu puris.

Coming up to him, Imlie tells Bunty that she has made up her mind to tell her truth to Agastya. 

Bunty asks her if she has lost it but Imlie says that she can't keep on lying to Agastya.

Meanwhile, Agastya calls her, making her talk in her khadi oli dialect as Nayonika's fictional servant.

Afterwards, she talks politely while Agastya tells her to fire her maid due to her excessive shouting. 

Later, Imlie and Agastya misinterpret each other's words as he thinks that Nayonika is talking about the marriage while Imlie thinks Agastya knows that she's not Nayonika.

As a result, both of them agree with each other due to the misunderstanding while Imlie gets excited as Agastya has no problem with her truth. 

Bunty is happy seeing her while on the other hand, Agastya informs the Chaudharys that he is getting married to Nayonika. 

Meanwhile, Mama tells Imlie that the doctor stated that Ashu's injection costs 2 lakhs.

Pallo says Imlie can't arrange 2 lakhs and wishes for Ashu's death which leads Imlie to warn her, stating that she will leave the house with Ashu.

She further adds that Pallo and Bulbul will struggle to eat food as Imlie is the only earning person.

After a while, Govind discusses Agastya and Nayonika's date since they didn't meet each other well.

Dadi then calls Agastya and teases him about mentioning Nayonika, stating that though marriage might be an old custom it still spreads happiness.

Amidst the call, Agastya stares at Imlie while she is working at the restaurant and gets mesmerized.

However, he comes back to his senses and asks Dadi not to annoy him after which he cuts the call. 

At the Chaudhary, Manno tells Dadi to send Nayonika to Agastya so that they can spend quality time with each other.

At the workplace, Imlie thinks that since Agastya knows that she isn't Nayonika, she should tell that she's Imlie.

Just then, Agastya tells Imlie that no personal life discussions will be dealt with in the workplace.

Seeing her hand smeared in atta, Agastya asks her to use the machine to make the dough during which Agastya addresses her as Miss Johri, making Imlie wonder about him still addressing her as Nayonika. 

He leads her to the wash basin and washes her hands further adding that she should get used to machines otherwise the food delivery will be late.

While washing her hands, Agastya gets an unclear flashback of having seen her before while Imlie anxiously stares at him.

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