Imlie (Imli) 26th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 26th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 26th December 2023 episode starts with Agastya holding Imlie tightly in his grip and asking her if she loves him.

Imlie is stunned and freezes but she manages to say that he is the grumpiest and the most selfish person she has ever come across.

Agastya says that he knows he is grumpy, selfish, rude, and impolite yet he wants to know if she loves him.

Imlie remembers how Vishva threatened her not to confess her feelings for Agastya so she says no to Agastya's face and walks away while crying.

Meanwhile, A goon keeps an eye on Imlie and says that in less than 24 hours, she will be in a coffin.

Later, Imlie queries Chutki about when she began liking Avinash. Chutki reveals it happened on their first date.

Chutki hints that Agatya hasn't taken Imlie out while Imlie questions if Chutki completely trusts Avinash.

Vishva asks Shivani to leave as her wedding gown has arrived and once she's gone, Vishwa tells Imlie that Avinash is genuinely kind and not involved in his revenge plan.

He then holds Imlie's hand forcefully and puts a watch on her, saying that it is a spy watch that will keep him updated on all her conversations.

Shivani tells Agastya that he is the most unromantic person ever as he has never taken Imlie on a date.

Agastya goes to the room and tells Imlie that he wants to have coffee with her downstairs to which she agrees.

Imlie asks why has he made only 2 cups of coffee and only 2 sets of chairs, Agastya looks at her confused when all the family members come and seat themselves thanking Imlie for inviting them.

Agastya goes to Imlie and asks what she did to which Imlie replies that she was fixing his mistake as he messed up the coffee proportion and made too less.

He replies that the coffee was only for the two of them to which Imlie says that it means Agastya is greedy and selfish that he only made coffee for the two.

Agastya then puts a finger on her lips and says that he asked her out on a date so that they could talk their hearts out.

Imlie asks if he has feelings for her to which Agastya starts stammering and replies that Chutki told him that Imlie never went on a date so he felt bad.

Meanwhile, the maid finds a weapon in the new cook's stuff and gets very scared, he enters at the same time and locks her in the cupboard.

Imlie calls Agastya outside as she has prepared the date settings but Vishva arrives there first and asks what is she doing to which Imlie says that it is none of his business.

Vishva says that Imlie's attitude will not act in favour of Agastya to which Imlie boldly replies that she grew up in a house of compromises and knows when to take a stand.

She says while turning that she knows Vishva will not spill the beans for such a petty reason such as a date but when she turns back, she finds Agastya there and not Vishva.

She tells him that she is just returning the favour which makes Agastya smile and then has coffee with her.

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