Imlie (Imli) 26th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 26th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 26th November 2023 episode starts with Sonali asking Agastya if Imlie didn't tell him anything about Amrit while Agastya shakes his head in denial.

Agastya tells Sonali that Imlie did not utter a word against anyone and continued to hear everything she was accused of like a silent person.

Realizing that he behaved in the worst way possible toward Imlie, Agastya says that he is baffled thinking about the way he has insulted and treated Imlie.

He adds that he has committed a grave mistake by blaming Imlie's character and calling her the worst thing possible for a woman to face.

Govind tells Agastya that a husband and wife can always fight with each other and solve their misunderstanding together which leaves Agastya with more guilt as he has done many things other than fighting with Imlie.

Agastya says that he has bought Imlie's house and treated her like trash after which he made her stay on the roads and accused her of taking money for returning.

Annapurna asks Agastya if he has really given money to Imlie for coming back while Agastya replies with a yes and checks the statement to find that no money was transferred from his account.

He calls his accountant, asking him about the 5 lakhs cheque that he asked him to transfer to Imlie to which the accountant replies that the cheque bounced because the signature did not match.

With the realization of the situation, Agastya screams in frustration and asks himself what he has done to Imlie without even knowing anything.

Rajni tells Agastya to talk to Imlie about the matter so that they can solve the situation but Agastya refuses as he can't face Imlie.

Agastya asks everyone to leave him alone for some time after which everyone gets gloomy when Annapurna feels guilty about behaving in such a harsh way with Imlie.

She decides to talk to Imlie and apologise for her mistakes after which she asks Imlie to open the door.

Imlie opens the door and says that even if she is angry, she cannot misbehave with the elders which makes Annapurna feel bad.

As Annapurna says sorry for not identifying Imlie earlier, Imlie bursts into tears, saying that Annapurna did not give her a chance to become her daughter once.

Annapurna and Imlie hug each other emotionally after which Annapurna tells Imlie to give Agastya a chance to apologize to her as he has seen many sorrows since childhood.

Imlie does not give a clear answer and spots Agastya sitting outside after she hangs up his calls and comes back into the room.

After gathering courage, Agastya comes outside Imlie's room and asks her to talk to him once but Imlie just cries while sitting at the door.

Hearing Agastya cry makes Imlie go soft and she proceeds to open the door but a phone call interrupts her and she opens the cupboard while Agastya continues to ask Imlie if she is all right.

As Imlie opens the cupboard, a body falls on her and she screams in horror which makes Agastya break the door and come inside.

Jugnu recognizes the man as Chandu when his brother and they treat his wounds but gets worried regarding the culprit who has done such a thing.

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