Imlie (Imli) 26th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 26th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 26th September 2023 episode starts with Agastya washing Imlie's hands who wonders about why he feels like he knows Nayonika. 

Similarly, Imlie too thinks that Agastya looks familiar to her after which he tells her to go to work.

Later, Agastya notices Imlie and states that she is a good human being and is ready to marry her too.

Outside, Nayonika looks for Agastya and calls Dadi which makes Dadi call Agastya and scold him for not meeting Noyonika yet.

Agastya tells Dadi that Nayonika is near him, making Dadi confused while on the other hand, Bulbul plans to use Ashu's prescription and use it to gain 2 lakhs from Amrit. 

Luckily, Imlie catches her and warns Bulbul to rearrange her things, making Bulbul fight with Imlie.

This makes Pallo send Imlie away for some time during which Bulbul drops a text to Amrit, saying she wants two lakhs for Ashu's treatment. 

From the other side, Amrit reads the text and asks her to give a private performance otherwise he won't give her the money.

Bulbul says yes to him while on the other hand, Sonali tells Amrit that they should plan a baby but Amrit diverts the topic.

Amrit tells Sonali to focus on taking over the business instead of thinking of a baby after which he pretends to express his love towards her, thus convincing her.

He checks Bulbul's text and smiles while at the village, Pallo tells Bulbul that if Imlie gives a private performance she will get roti with extra butter.

Hearing this, Imlie doubts her intentions but Pallo makes excuses and praises Ashu which makes Imlie and Mama doubt her more.

Afterwards, Imlie learns about the private performance and asks Pallo to send Bulbul which triggers her to ask her about why is she not thinking about her respect.

She denies going there but Pallo states that there is no other way she can get two lakhs in two days leading Imlie to think that she can't deny the fact that she needs 2 lakhs.

Meanwhile, Agastya suspects Amrit of going outside and follows him but Amrit goes to a temple to pray for Agastya's happiness.

Regretfully, Agastya goes his way while Amrit smirks, stating that he saw him beforehand and thus, started acting. 

After a while, Amrit reaches to see Imlie's private performance making Imlie shocked after which she attempts to walk away but Amrit stops her.

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