Imlie (Imli) 27th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 27th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 27th November 2023 episode starts with Imlie asking Jugnu to calm down as Chandu will get better if he stays around them.

Agastya asks Imlie if she saw something, the day she got afraid while Imlie realises something and shakes her head in denial.

The next day, Agastya wakes up in the morning when he spots Imlie sitting near his bed.

He questions her if she was able to sleep well last night to which Imlie sternly states that she felt anxious but will surely sleep in the other room from tomorrow.

However, Agastya requests her to talk to him once while she requests that he remain in the marriage for a few more days and after that, she'll suggest to Annapurna that they should divorce each other.

Agastya gets upset, wanting to talk, but Imlie stays firm, reminding him of the money she got for the drama and her commitment to the act.

Downstairs, Annapurna's eyes open wide as she spots a truck loaded with all their outhouse belongings when suddenly Sonali and Agastya appear there.

Annapurna quickly asks if they sold the outhouse, prompting Sonali to explain that she used the outhouse papers as collateral for a loan they took from someone.

Sonali wonders if the loan person sold their outhouse to someone else without their permission, making Annapurna and Agastya worry about the same.

Just then, a car arrives there with Navya and Vishwa leading Annapurna to greet them nicely while she discovers the new owner of their outhouse.

Vishwa informs them about how the loan person showed the papers to him, making him interested in buying it while Anapurna feels disheartened but Agastya manages to keep his cool.

Elsewhere, Imlie meets her friends who express how happy they are to see Imlie with Agastya and question her if she'll ever return to the bar again.

They share a video with Imlie to watch later and inform her about her chachi mistreating Bulbul.

Further, Imlie enters the Chaudhary mansion, demanding everyone's attention as she interrogates Vishwa for constantly shadowing Agastya, making everyone shocked.

Imlie presents a video, featuring moments of her and Agastya together, highlighting Vishwa's consistent presence in every clip.

Vishwa clarifies he isn't following Agastya but safeguarding Imlie as he reveals his role as an undercover inspector and informs everyone about the threat to Imlie's life.

Meanwhile, Imlie apologises to him for accusing him of something ill while he assures her nothing can go wrong with her in his presence.

Annapurna apologises to Navya for the same and for all the past mishappenings from their side, thus solving all the matters.

Later, Imlie calls Bulbul but is unable to connect with her, prompting her to go and check on her when suddenly Agastya appears there, asking her where she's going.

However, Imlie replies sternly leading Agastya to softly remind her about the threat to her life and ask if she spots someone bothering her to which Imlie hesitantly refuses.

Further, Imlie rides her bicycle on the road wondering if something goes wrong with her when she spots Agastya just behind her, following her.

She rushes playfully with Agastya following her romantically and then reaches the house to meet Bulbul.

However, Imlie gets confused as her Mami rebukes Bulbul in front of Imlie, hinting at an affair.

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