Imlie (Imli) 27th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 27th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 27th September 2023 episode starts with Imlie getting shocked seeing Amrit in the private function and attempts to leave but Amrit stops her saying she has to perform as promised. 

Imlie tells Amrit that he is not interested to see her art but he is here to fulfil his lust, adding that she will not fulfil his demand.

Hearing this, Amrit tells Imlie that he will pay her but Imlie still refuses and asks him to move.

Suddenly, the cops arrive, making both of them shocked after which the troops try to arrest them but Amrit puts all the blame on Imlie, stating that she tried to loot him off his money.

Imlie tells the cops that Amrit is lying, stating that he didn't reveal himself before calling her to perform here. 

Unfortunately, the authorities get convinced by Amrit's statement and try to arrest Imlie, making her run away from there while Amrit smirks.

On the other hand, Dadi calls Agastya, stating that he should come back home soon during which he states his whereabouts and stops the car in the middle. 

Suddenly, he sees Imlie running away and thinks that the cops are after Nayonika Johri leading him to ask the police about her actions.

This leads the inspector to clear his confusion, stating that she is not Nayonika, but Imlie who they are going to arrest.

Agastya is shocked during Nayonika calls him from behind, stating that Dadi informed her of his location so she thought of meeting him. 

Nayonika tries to continue the conversation but Agastya brushes her off, stating that he will talk to her later.

This makes Nayonika think about what is more important to Agastya than marriage right now.

Later, Agastya feels guilty for choosing Imlie as the super chef and is amused to realise that he couldn't recognise a person's true colours. 

He spots Imlie hiding in a corner during which the cops ask about her to Agastya leading Agastya to help them catch her.

Imlie pleads before the cops, stating that she is innocent while Agastya gets furious and adds he will not spare her.

Afterwards, Agastya comes home, making Dadi inform him about fixing the engagement date tomorrow.

Agastya tells Dadi that he needs some time to think, making Dadi ask him what's bothering him.

Dadi further tells Agastya that marriage will solve all his problems and delaying it is unethical since he can't get a better partner than Nayonika. 

She again tells Agastya to think about her health since she might fall sick anytime, making Agastya think that he has always made wrong decisions but will now trust Dadi and marry Nayonika. 

After pondering, Agastya agrees to the engagement, making Dadi happy while on the other hand, Imlie asks the inspector to release her but instead, gets mocked by the cell.

Imlie states that she is innocent, adding that it was her situation that her to be in the hotel reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Agastya while playing the piano gets flashbacks of Imlie and amidst all this, Dadi tells the family about Agastya agreeing to the engagement.

At the prison, Imlie tells the cops to call Mama but Pallo picks up the call leading both her and Bulbul to know about Imlie's arrest and disown her as a part of their family.

Pallo further adds that she is not coming to bail Imlie out or would pay any money for Imlie's release, making Imlie sad.

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