Imlie (Imli) 28th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 28th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 28th November 2023 episode starts with Imlie asking Bulbul if she likes someone. 

Bulbul starts crying and tells her that it has ended and she doesn't want to talk about it.

Elsewhere, Rajni enquires Annapurna about why she seems worried.

Annapurna tells her that Navya wants nothing to be hidden between the 2 families.

She concludes that they should tell her about Imlie's job at the bar themselves before she gets to know them from somewhere else.

Rajni affirms that Annapurna's decision will be final but asks her to decide, considering Chutki's happiness.

Meanwhile, Navya watches Imlie and Agastya's video and gets concerned about spotting Vishwa in it, spying on them.

Agastya grabs a chair to sit on and looks at a sleeping Imlie while falling asleep on the chair itself.

Jugnoo sits beside an unconscious Chandu to make sure nothing happens to Chandu. 

Meanwhile, Imlie wakes up and finds someone's moving shadow behind the window, she grabs a side lamp and starts to attack the person but finds out it is Agastya.

Imlie asks Agastya what he is doing behind the window and he replies that he is guarding her and is moving to kill a mosquito.

Imlie jokes that like this, she'll be the one dead like the mosquito.

Agastya tells her to shut up and that it's not funny.

He explains now that Imlie won't go back to their room, he can't sleep.

Imlie and Agastya argue about why Agastya is being concerned about Imlie and Imlie tells him that they'll end this contract after Chutki's marriage.

Agastya questions Imlie on why has she done so much about him when he isn't her real husband as well.

Meanwhile, a masked figure cuts Chandu's oxygen support and he collapses.

Hearing the noise coming from Chandu's room, Agastya and Imlie rush to his room and save him.

Agastya gets out to find the murderer and Imlie watches him from above.

Imlie sees the shadow of someone behind Agastya and runs hysterically towards him to hug him.

It's revealed that it's Vishwa standing there, who tells them that he just came to investigate the noise.

Imlie reveals that she's sure she has seen someone with a knife along with the butterfly keychain on it.

Agastya joins the dots and the butterfly and concludes that there's a connection between the 2 incidents.

Vishwa proposes that the killer wanted to kill Imlie but not Chandu.

Imlie asks him why the killer tried to kill him.

Vishwa replies that maybe he didn't want Chandu to reveal his name.

Agastya lashes out at Vishwa for Imlie's safety.

Vishwa tells him that he'll appoint security at their house tomorrow and assures him that the killer will be arrested soon.

Meanwhile, Imlie and Agastya share a fun banter about why the killer wants to murder Imlie.

Imlie gets offended by this and tells him that the killers don't only interest the rich.

She starts to go to her room to sleep alone but Agastya carries her in bridal style to his room and asks her to be in front of her.

The next morning, Imlie tries to find out about Bulbul.

Agastya asks Imlie about Bulbul being concerned but she shuts him down, saying she'll handle it on her own.

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