Imlie (Imli) 28th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 28th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 28th September 2023 episode starts with the Inspector telling Pallo over the call that he is calling from the police station adding that Imlie has been arrested in a hotel raid with Amrit.

This makes Pallo ask the inspector if he has arrested Amrit leading the inspector to mention that Amrit is innocent.

The inspector further tells Pallo to bail out Imlie but Pallo answers back stating that Imlie is no one to her.

On the other hand, Rajni asks Agastya if he is happy making Agastya state that he is and enquires about why's she asking him this.

Rajni tells Agastya that he has been responsible since childhood and will always continue to be so but he should rethink his engagement with Nayonika.

Hearing this, Agastya tells Rajnj that his decisions have gone wrong so he will listen to Dadi's suggestion now.

Later, while showering Agastya gets reminded of Imlie's emphasis on the poor and thinks to himself that thieves are better than Imlie since they don't steal someone's identity.

On the other hand, the inspector tells Imlie that Pallo refused to bail her out when Shankar walks in and bails out Imlie.

This leads Imlie to return home after which Ashu asks Imlie about her being late today but Imlie pours water on herself recalling the jail incident. 

This leads Pallo to stop her from washing herself after which she yells at her to stop wasting water stating that even Ganga Jal will fall short of cleansing her sins.

Imlie then splashes water towards Pallo and asks if she can see her making Pallo state that she better stay within her limits since she's a bar singer making Imlie cry.

Later, Alka tells Sonali that Agastya is snatching Chaudhary Sweets just like how his mother snatched her husband away.

She adds that Sonali shouldn't let Agastya marry since Dadi will transfer the business in his name. 

Having this, Sonali tells Alka that Agastya will give his business to her even after marrying since she recalls helping Noyonika abort her baby after which she suggests she marry someone and move on.

Noyonika asks Sonali who will marry her making Sonali advise Noyonika to marry Agaaya adding that she should send her alliance via Mr Johri making Noyonika thank her.

This leads Alka to applaud Sonali's doings since she is perfectly exacting out her revenge on Agastya.

Sonali tells Alka that he is snatching back her right due to Dadi's injustice of choosing Agastya, as he is a man adding that she will get the business anyhow.

Afterwards, Agastya informs Jugnu about how a poverty-stricken Imlie fooled him by stating that she is Noyonika Johri. 

This makes Jugnu state that Imlie is a fool making Agastya pledge that he will make Imlie's life a living hell now.

In the meantime, Imlie reaches the shop and hopes to apologize to Agastya after revealing her true identity.

Seeing Imlie, Agastya smiles at her and asks what happened to her fashion sense today since she is wearing a torn dress and broken footwear. 

Agastya then forcefully tries to fix an expensive sandal on her foot but seeing that it's not fitting her, concludes that he will buy her a cheap shoe.

Imlie then tells Agastya that all sandals whether cheap or costly face dust after which she tries to reveal her truth.

However, Agastya stops her stating that tonight there is a big catering order so she needs to prepare food. 

This leads Imlie to tell Agastya that she will work hard and impress the customers and hopes to extract a bonus from him.

Hearing this, Agastya asks her to not worry about it since he will pay her the correct amount for her work but never cheat her leading Imlie to get worried by seeing Agastya's unnatural behaviour. 

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