Imlie (Imli) 29th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 29th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 29th September 2023 episode starts with Agastya telling Imlie about a huge order, making Imlie ask about the payment to which he states that he will take care of it since he doesn't betray anyone. 

On the other hand, Mannu chooses clothes for Agastya's engagement and rejects some since they don't fit her taste.

Amidst all this, Govind teases her and Dadi by saying that Agastya's main focus will be Nayonika only from now on.

However, Agastya shows no interest in choosing clothes for his engagement leading Dadi to tell him to trust her, adding that he needs to smile.

Hearing this, Agastya tells Dadi that he will smile in the evening, making Dadi assume that he will do so for his engagement.

He tells Dadi that Sonali is tensed as he agreed to marry Nayonika leading Alka to state that Sonali is suffering because of him.

However, Sonali comes in adding that she is capable of running her business and chooses two necklaces for Nayonika to show off.

This leads Agastya to ask Sonali that if she hates him so much then why is she showing off?

Sonali replies, stating that many guests will attend his engagement so she will just pretend to be happy for him and Nayonika. 

In the meantime, Imlie prepares for the big order and instructs the chefs to cook the dishes perfectly. 

At the same time, she hopes that Agastya will be impressed and thus give her payment for Ashu's treatment.

Afterwards, Agastya taunts Sonali that she can choose any necklace for Nayonika since he doesn't care, adding that he admires honesty.

In the meantime, Amrit is chilling in a pool, enjoying a singer's performance when he imagines Imlie.

However, his reverie is broken which leads him to conclude that he is lost in Imlie's thoughts after which he texts Bulbul.

Amrit texts Bulbul that he's impressed since he got her arrested by the police yet she didn't expose his name. 

From the village, Bulbul replies to him sweetly and thus fools Amrit after which Imlie comes back home and seeing Bulbul smiling asks her why she's doing so.

Seeing this, Pallo diverts the topic and asks Imlie where she got money for shopping but Imlie dismisses her question and asks Bulbul what she is doing with the phone leading Bulbul to make an excuse.

Later, Bulbul and Pallo walk away while Imlie gives chocolate to Ashu and stating that it is very special, leaves for work.

From behind, Pallo gets suspicious of Imlie going early leading Bulbul to call up a friend leading her to know that Imlie has taken leave from the bar today. 

This leads Pallo to get shocked after which she tells Bulbul to follow Imlie, to see where she's going.

Meanwhile, Jugnu praises Imlie's cooked dishes but Agastya states that she is a liar, adding that he will expose her today. 

After a while, Imlie reaches the location and is amazed to see the huge set-up.

Later, she sees a board of Nayonika and Agastya's engagement and gets worried thinking if it's the party of real Nayonika then she has to tell Agastya, that she's Imlie and not Nayonika.

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