Imlie (Imli) 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 2nd December 2023 episode starts with Imlie seeing Karam and Bulbul hug each other and thank god as they've reconciled.

In the meantime, Agastya, Karam, Sonali and Shivani are about to sleep when Imlie turns on the light as she wants to play truth and dare game.

Soon, the siblings and Imlie play the game when Agastya's turn comes in and he chooses to dare.

Shivani asks Agastya to propose to Imlie to marry him, making Agastya do so, but Imlie asks him to stand as his knees might pain.

However, Agastya holds Imlie leading him to tell Imlie that he likes it when she teases him and requests her to marry him.

Imlie holds Agastya's hand and accepts the proposal, making everyone clap while Agastya tells Imlie that he is an expert.

Afterwards, Karam's turn comes and he chooses the truth, making Imlie ask Karam why he is unmarried.

This leads Karam to confess that he likes Yashvi and shows her picture to Imlie, making her upset.

The next day, Bulbul calls Imlie and tells her that last night she went to meet Karam and has cleared everything out.

Imlie tries to talk to Bulbul but she disconnects the call to talk with Karam.

Later, Agastya shockingly learns from the lawyer about Vishwa's ancestral home in Puwaiya when Imlie collides with Agastya.

Imlie asks Agastya if he knows about Karam's girlfriend, making him state that he learnt from Karam about the girl and Karam loves her so he didn't hide anything.

Afterwards, Agastya asks Navya why they lied about being new in Purwaiya, despite having an ancestral home.

At the Mansion, Imlie confronts Karam for cheating on Bulbul and this is heard by Rajni.

Navya tells Agastya that Manoj (Tej) used to come to Purwaiya for his work, adding that she has come for the first time.

Agastya walks away when Navya tells Vishwa that Agastya and his family have started doubting them.

Outside, Agastya sees that the car is punctured and sees a picture of Imlie in the car glass.

At the House, Imlie informs everyone about Karam and Bulbul, making Shivani tell Imlie that she might have a misunderstanding.

Annapurna asks Karam to answer Imlie, making Karam tell Imlie that he doesn't know Bulbul.

This leads the family to accuse Imlie when Alka states that Imlie and Bulbul are polluting their home's environment.

As a result, Agastya tells the family to relax as he will call Bulbul to clarify the truth.

After a while, Pallo and Bulbul come in when Annapurna asks Bulbul if she knows Karam, making her scared. 

Bulbul tells everyone that she doesn't know Karam and accuses Imlie of lying to the family while Imlie is shocked at Bulbul's lies.

She gets unconscious when the doctor is summoned while Agastya takes Imlie away from the family.

Inside, Imlie tells Agastya that she's not lying, making Agastya state that he knows she isn't lying but at present, she must understand the situation and lock her up in the room.

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