Imlie (Imli) 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Imlie and Agastya engaging in a playing catch me if you can game eventually falling upon each other thus breaking the bed.

Both laugh their hearts out during which Bulbul and Pallo come in but seeing Imlie and Agastya on top of each other they get awkward. 

Seeing Pallo and Bulbul, Imlie and Agastya instantly apologise for breaking the bed stating that they had come to invite her for Navratri and quickly head out.

During the drive back home, Agastya and Imlie laugh at their mischief after which Imlie thanks Agastya for cooking for her and taking her back home.

However, Agastya asks Imlie what she tells Sonali leading Imlie to say no following which Agastya states that he'll respect her decision. 

Astonished by the fact that Agastya is showing respect to her, Imlie enquires about his words against her working unethically in the bar last night.

However, Agastya still says that Imlie was working unethically leading the contract couple to debate again when Agastya states they stop.

Eventually, they arrive at the Navratri celebrations and Annapurna seeing them, comes up to them and conveys her excitement as it's Imlie's first event after marriage.

Seeing Sonali, Imlie walks up to her Eventually getting into her room stating that she doesn't want to hurt her by unveiling Amrit's face adding that she'll not confess anything to anyone.

However, Sonali tells Imlie to not act great by deciding to not say anything since she knows about her bar singer's secret adding that she'll do thorough research about her.

Later, Sonali eyes Imlie cooking and plans to bring up Imlie's identity as a bar singer leading Alka to ask Sonali if she's cooking up any plan.

Amidst the preparations, Manno's rangoli gets messed up when Imlie asks her to cook the halwa she's cooking and decides to settle the rangoli.

Elsewhere, Annapurna spots Sonali running when she stops her asking about her whereabouts leading her to state that she's going to the shop.

At the celebrations, Imlie settles the rangoli but Agastya stamps on it as he is busy on his phone making Imlie frustrated while Agastya asks her to stop since rangoli doesn't stay for a long time.

This makes Imlie ask if she should stop living since their marriage is fake leading Agastya to disagree after which he states that he hates festivals since they bring along extreme sweetness.

Imlie asks Agastya why he owns a sweet shop despite being allergic to sweets leading Agastya to ask Imlie to shut up who urges him to go away since she has to settle the rangoli.

Just then, Govind tells Imlie that he feels like singing and urges her to handle Annapurna if she gets angry making Imlie agree and Govind starts singing ultimately vibing with the family.

At the bar, Sonali enquires a man about Imlie and her whereabouts and stands shocked by the man's revelation about her.

There, Annapurna asks Imlie to get Agastya to celebrate with them since he's never come into the celebrations leading Imlie to enter Agastya's study.

However, Agastya asks Imlie to not think about calling him to the celebrations when Imlie gives him her sugar-free laddoos and makes him taste them.

Agastya gives into the laddoos when Imlie gently asks him to come to the celebrations since it will make Annapurna happy and is about to head out when Agastya utters stop.

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