Imlie (Imli) 30th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 30th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 30th December 2023 episode starts with Imlie being frightened to her core but soon the tension in her eyebrows releases and she sees no one but Agastya pinning her to the wall.

Agastya gives her a death stare while the killer, on the other hand, goes to Dolly's room and waits for Jugnu to move out.

Elsewhere, Imlie asks Agastya if he is the killer to which he replies that he is the killer of the person who is making Imlie do all of this at gunpoint.

He says that he knows Vishwa is forcing her and if only Imlie reaches out to him then he can help her.

Imlie says Agastya isn't facing reality and is only following her lead, telling him to forget about her since their contract is over.

Agastya holds Imlie and asks that if Imlie is telling the truth then why is she not looking him in the eye while saying this?

All of a sudden, they both hear Dolly's screams, everyone goes to her room and sees that she is missing.

Agastya says that the Killer is still present in the room after which Imlie spots some blood on the floor which scares them all.

Imlie says that Dolly's life is at stake to which Agastya says that he will find her and till then, Vishwa should take Imlie and the rest of the family out.

Suddenly, the power goes off and all the doors and windows of the room get closed.

He says that he is going on a search which makes Vishwa join him, they both arm themselves and look for the killer.

Agastya says that although he and Imlie were in a contract, he never used her to which Vishwa replies that Imlie is going to be his wife and that is why he knows this. 

Vishwa says that Agastya is showing typical male behaviour as he cannot stand the fact that Imlie rejected him.

Agastya says that he can sense the truth from Imlie's quietness however, in the middle of their rift, the killer locks them in the room which makes the two regret their idiocy.

Back downstairs, Imlie and the rest of the family hear Dolly's screams and see her blood flowing down which makes Imlie leave the room along with Jugnu, ignoring the fact that it could be bait.

Meanwhile, Vishwa remembers that the room they are in has a window hidden somewhere, he remembers this from his childhood and tells Agastya about it which makes Agastya wonder how he knows this.

Elsewhere, Imlie spots Dolly's saree however, when she gets near she finds out that it is the killer which makes her scream.

Agastya and Vishwa hear Imlie's scream which makes the two tear down the wall while Imlie on the other hand, holds the Killer's hand and asks Jugnu to run away.

Imlie falls to the ground fighting the killer and Jugnu comes to her aid but that attempt goes in vain as well.

The killer moves back to Imlie but before he can do anything the power comes back on and Vishwa aims the gun at the killer while Agastya blocks him from the other end and asks him to surrender.

The killer jumps off the balcony ending his life which makes Imlie, Agastya and Vishva hocked, they remove his mask to reveal his true face.

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