Imlie (Imli) 30th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 30th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 30th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya forcefully taking Imlie to his car and saying that he will take Bulbul to a hospital.

Imlie says that she will just give a massage to her and she will be alright.

On reaching the house, Agastya asks why is Imlie lying to him as he knows that she is just finding a way to skip Chutki's function.

Imlie remembers her conversation with Navya where she promised her not to be a part of Chutki's wedding.

She states that she is angry with Agastya and that is why she will not attend the function, making Agastya pin her against the wall, asking her to emote.

Agastya says that she has only been fighting since she came into his life and should do the same right now as well.

Imlie reminds Agastya that their marriage is fake and he and his family are just a means for her to earn money which hurts Agastya.

Pallo comes out and asks Imlie where Bulbul is which surprises Imlie as she thought Bulbul was at home.

Pallo says that Bulbul went out, saying that she is going to Imlie's house function to which Imlie replies that why would Bulbul lie to her.

Pallo says that she must have gone to meet her lover and today she will make her pay for it however, Imlie stops her, asking her to calm down.

Meanwhile, Agastya on his way back sees Imlie's friends who are looking very tense so he asks them if everything is okay.

They inform him that Bulbul went near the well, telling him the whole story.

Agastya immediately goes back to Imlie's house along with them, asking Imlie to step into the car as he knows where Bulbul is.

Further, Imlie finds Bulbul who is about to jump into the well when Bulbul asks Imlie to stay away or else she will jump.

Bulbul says that the guy is not in love with her and she does not want to live too.

Agastya replies that Bulbul should jump as that will teach her boyfriend a lesson but after some time he will find a new girl.

He states that one day he will forget her but her family will miss her terribly every single day, explaining to her that before anyone else, she should start living for herself.

Imlie looks at Agastya and gives him a look of appreciation and then they all head home.

Pallo looks at Bulbul and says that now she is not going to pay for her actions as she picks up a stick and starts running after Bulbul.

Meanwhile, Agastya reads Imlie's diary where she calls Agastya a grumpy man who has sour words, a stone heart, and a brain the size of a walnut shell.

He then reads that Imlie has written about his eyes and says that they are so beautiful and deep that one can get lost in it.

The dairy says that his grumpy self is overpowered by his good looks while his smile makes Imlie feel good.

Imlie keeps trying to take her dairy back but Agastya keeps reading and then both fall with Imlie on top of him.

They both stare into each other's eyes after which Imlie walks away but her Saree gets caught in Agastya's watch.

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