Imlie (Imli) 30th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 30th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 30th September 2023 episode starts with Imlie seeing Radha's statue and rushing to pray. 

She hopes that the boss likes her food so much that he does not care that she is lying. 

Just then, she overhears Sethji scolding the organizer, telling him to get the singer at any cost as it is his job. 

Imlie thinks of getting the singing job too to collect money for the injection and rushes to talk to Sethji. 

He gets happy to see her while she tells him that she is the cook and he gets happy to hear that she's doing a good thing. 

She requests him to give her the singing job as she is really in need of money and he agrees, telling her that he'll give her 1 lakh and 75 thousand rupees. 

He leaves while Imlie thinks to herself that she'll get the remaining twenty-five thousand from the cooking job, making it possible for her to get the injection. 

However, Geeta comes there just then and refuses to let Imlie sing, telling her that she knows Imlie is a bar singer. 

Sethji comes there just then and supports Imlie finally convincing Geeta to agree to let Imlie sing but on the condition that Imlie hides her face. 

Imlie takes a bit of food and goes to give it to the Radhaji's idol while praying that everything goes fine. 

Bitti and her mother also come there dressed up as servants and think about stealing something big. 

Agastya also comes there just then and scoffs seeing Imlie at the temple praying, thinking that she has started her drama here too. 

He calls her and talks to her as Nayonika while going on with thinking that she will tell him the truth face-to-face after the function. 

Further, the servant takes her to get ready for the function while Agastya thinks to expose her tonight. 

Later, Imlie gets mistook as the bride by some girls as she gets taken downstairs. 

Bitti and her mother also go up, thinking that Imlie is the bride so that they can steal upstairs while the function goes on. 

Imlie tries to fix the mask while Agastya comes there and puts his hand over it asking her if she wants to expose herself this early. 

She removes her veil and is shocked to see him while he pulls out the bundle of money and tells her that he knows this is her inspiration. 

Imlie gets worried as she learns that Agastya knows about her while he tells her that he has blacklisted her so that she cannot trap any other rich man. 

Later, Imlie starts singing and Agastya's mother gets shocked as she watches her moves and realizes that she is a bar singer. 

She walks away and cries while Sonali drags Amrit with him, preventing him from seeing Imlie's face. 

The family goes after Agastya's mother to console her who cries that Agastya has brought the bar girl to an engagement function, grazing her past wounds. 

Dadi tells her to keep herself together as she has come to her son's engagement while the mother angrily states that Agastya is not her son but the mistake of her husband and the bar singer he was having an affair with. 

Imlie on the other hand removes her veil and walks to Agastya who tells her that she is undeserving of being called an artist as she is too money-hungry. 

She recites her dialogue from the bar, making him recognize her while she accepts that she's the girl he tried to insult at the bar. 

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