Imlie (Imli) 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd December 2023 episode starts with Agastya locking Imlie up in the room as he doesn't want her to pick up the topic of Bulbul and Karam.

However, Imlie asks Agastya to open the door who then asks her to promise that she'll not talk about Bulbul and Karam.

As a result, Imlie agrees leading Agastya to open the door but after opening the door, she states that she'll talk to Bulbul about why she lied.

Imlie walks forward when Rajni, Annapurna and Shivani tell Imlie that she had a misunderstanding about seeing Karam and Bulbul.

Karam accuses Imlie of trying to set him up with Bulbul, making Agastya state that Imlie can never think about it.

Just then, the doctor comes, stating that Bulbul and her unborn child are fine, making the Chaudhary's and Pallo shocked.

On the other hand, Vishwa tells Navya that soon Agastya will trust them instead of being suspicious about them. 

Navya resolves to do something to make the Chaudhary's forget about Tej.

Elsewhere, Pallo scolds Bulbul for not supporting Imlie as she wants to settle her sin in a big Mansion when Imlie comes in.

Outside, Alka accuses Imlie of trying to fix Bulbul's marriage with Karam forcibly, making Agastya disagree. 

In the room, Imlie tells Pallo that she didn't lie as she saw Karam and Bulbul together.

Pallo asks Imlie to settle Bulbul's life as her image will be tarnished and asks Bulbul to tell everyone that Karam is the father of her child.

Just then, the Chaudhary's come in and misunderstand Imlie for plotting to bring Bulbul amongst themselves. 

As a result, Imlie tells Annapurna and Agastya that she is not at fault but they go away.

Later, when Pallo leads Bulbul out of the house she loosens her hold on Pallo and goes to Imlie.

Bulbul apologises to Imlie for lying since Karam needed time and states that he will tell everything to the family.

Imlie hugs her and afterwards, Bulbul leaves when Agastya takes one look at Imlie, who looks back at him and goes away dejectedly.

Further, Imlie walks inside when she sees Karam who apologises to her, adding that his actions are a result of what happened years back.

Imlie asks about the happenings, making Karam state about Dhanraj marrying a poor girl(Kairi) and tells Imlie not to pick up Bulbul's topic, making her agree.

On the other hand, Agastya notices Imlie's crossed photo making him remember Vishwa’s warning.

Agastya runs out and spots Imlie when he ask her why she told everyone about Karam having a relationship with Bulbul. 

He tells Imlie that he'll listen to her, making Imlie state that she's helpless as she can't tell anything to him.

Agastya asks Imlie to open up lest he'll never trust her while she replies that if Agastya ever believed her, he would never question her and walk away. 

The next morning, Imlie decides with Dolly and Bulbul to make tasty food for Navya's family.

In the meantime, the family ask Annapurna to join them, making Annapurna state that she'll join them later.

After a while, Imlie asks the family to check out the food but Rajni denies having it.

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