Imlie (Imli) 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Imlie going to Agastya and telling him that they should go together as they need to show the family how happy they are.

She turns around thinking that he won't agree but he stops her and holds her hand, telling her that they need to show everyone how happy they are.

On the other hand, Sonali arrives at Imlie's house and looks around disgustingly.

Further, Imlie brings homemade Kulfi for everyone and they all praise her while Agastya overhears his mother enjoying it and getting emotional as she talks about how Kunal would have loved it.

Agastya wipes away his tears and walks inside the house but is stopped by Imlie who keeps on chattering about her Kulfi and tells him to try it.

He takes one and walks away while Imlie bumps into Sonali who looks at her angrily.

Imlie apologizes to her and offers her Kulfi, telling her that it helps in cooling down her anger.

She starts talking about Kunal and Baba which angers Sonali as she tells Imlie not to try to be her friend as she'll win the battle and walks away.

Agastya talks to Advocate Sharma about getting the directorship of the company while Sharma tells him that once the shares are in his name, no one will be able to challenge him.

Imlie talks happily about how everyone praised her and gave her blessings to which Agastya asks her if she has come here to gather blessings.

She reminds him that he came to ask for her forgiveness today only and that she won't forgive him again.

He tells her that he doesn't want her forgiveness, telling her to do what she is supposed to do and not try to win over his family.

He adds that she is a bar dancer and should remember that while she emotionally states that he is there to keep her from forgetting it.

Elsewhere, Sonali comes to her mother, asking her if her husband used to read the pain in her eyes while Sonali's mother tells her to focus on the company.

Imlie cries recalling how Chachi refused to even give food to her and Kairi when they were little while Agastya stands by the window and recalls how Alka kicked him out of the house on a cold night when he was just a kid.

Meanwhile, Sonali also cries out in pain as she recalls seeing the video of Amrit in the bar flirting with the dancers.

Imlie ends up falling asleep outside while Agastya comes there and watches her with sincerity.

Seeing her shivering, he puts a Shawl around her when she leans into him and falls back into sleep.

Agastya looks shocked for a second but continues letting her sleep there as he whispers sorry to her.

Imlie wakes up just then and tells him that her sorrows have emptied and she won't forgive him.

He tells her that he's not apologizing to her and tells her to come upstairs as she'll get cold.

She refuses and he ends up hauling her into his arms and bringing her upstairs.

They banter as Imlie tells Agastya that if she was his real wife, she would have convinced him to cut his wife to which he retorts that if he was her real husband, he might have agreed.

He tells her to focus on the task when Imlie gets a little hesitant as she reveals to him that she's scared to look into Alka's eyes.

She talks about how Alka has so much trust in her and that it would be crushing when she learns the truth.

The next morning, everyone is preparing for the Pooja while Imlie is shocked to see Agastya with short hair.

She teases him saying she told him once and he did it while he tells her that he did not do it for her.

She tells him that he looks okay and walks away as they both turn to look at each other with a small smile.

Further, during the Pooja, Alka tells Imlie to do the Pooja but Imlie says that she'll be selfish if she asks for anything more.

Alka tells Sonali to do the Pooja and Imlie stops her, giving the correct flower to offer as a blessing, angering Sonali.

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