Imlie (Imli) 4th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 4th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 4th November 2023 episode starts with Alka rebuking Sonali telling her that Imlie is right and reminding her that she hasn't even seen the faces of her in-laws let alone go to her in-law's home.

Sonali thanks them mockingly and walks away while the family looks on.

Further, Imlie convinces Agastya to tell the truth to Dadi and they go to her room.

She praises Agastya's new look while Imlie reminds her how it is Skand Goddess' day and requests her for something.

Dadi asks her what it is and Imlie asks her for forgiveness.

Later, Agastya and Imlie are walking down the stairs when he saves her from falling.

She teases him, saying that he loves to pick her up in his arms and walks away, feeling blood rushing to her cheeks once she hears his laugh.

Further, the family stands for the Pooja as Imlie and Agastya take the pooja thaal and sing the aarti with everyone clapping in sync.

As the pooja ends, Sonali arrives there with Imlie's family, shocking her and the rest of the family.

Agastya nods at Imlie in reassurance while Sonali states that they need to be shocked as the truth is that Agastya and Imlie are liars.

She points at Imlie's family and states that this is the truth of Imlie's rich and sophisticated family.

Dadi scolds her and tells them to come inside where they will talk.

Once inside, Sonali tells Dadi that Imlie is poor while Dadi retorts that Agastya loves Imlie and that she knew this truth.

Flashback shows Imlie and Agastya going to Dadi's room and revealing how they lied to her about Imlie being rich and reasoning that it is because they thought the family wouldn't accept her.

Back in the present, Dadi scolds Sonali for making a spectacle out of their family matter and tells her that she should have come to her privately if she was concerned about her family.

Rajni states that Sonali has become a zealous sister-in-law and suggests sending her back to her in-law's house which Dadi agrees to.

Sonali walks away, thinking that she is a businesswoman and ends up as a tacky sister-in-law because of them.

Titu comes forward and apologizes to Dadi while Dadi tells Agastya and Imlie to greet the guests as she needs to talk with Sonali and Alka.

Later, finding out that her family has left, Imlie calls Pallo who scolds her and disconnects the call.

Imlie wonders how Pallo and Bulbul left without causing any drama and later teases Agastya while he helps her serve the juice to everyone.

She challenges him to pick her up and take her to their room in front of Dadi and Agastya smirks as he makes her remove her slippers, kicks them away and throws the juice-filled glasses on the ground.

Dadi shouts for Agastya to take care of Imlie and Agastya picks Imlie up in his arms and takes her to their room with the excuse of checking her leg for any injuries. 

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