Imlie (Imli) 5th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 5th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya taking Imlie to their room while Sonali watches them with contracting feelings in her heart.

Agastya drops her on their bed and falls beside her telling her to accept that he has guts.

They start talking about what they would say if they were a couple and get lost in each other's eyes.

Just then, Dadi and Rajni come there interrupting their moment, and tells them to come downstairs as she needs to talk to the family.

Dadi announces that she has decided to send Sonali to her in-law's house which Alka agrees to.

Sonali sheds tears as Dadi states that since Sonali does not have anything to do, her brain is thinking weird things and tells her that once the shares are in Agastya's name, she will be sent back.

Dadi asks Agastya his opinion and he states that if Sonali is happy there, she should go today only and he can send her luggage later after which Dadi turns to Imlie for her opinion. 

Imlie convinces Dadi

Imlie talks about how it is said that a girl's pyre is lifted from her in-law's house only which makes Sonali hopeless as she turns to walk away.

However, she stops hearing Imlie speak further and states that society has made a lady an object which becomes a burden on them.

Dadi reasons that she has never considered Sonali a burden and only wants her to handle her family.

Imlie asks her why is she sending Sonali away and talks about how her parents tell her daughter to come home only whenever she is out and then tell her not to ever come back home after she gets married.

She requests Dadi to give Sonali the free will to come back home whenever she wants and stay as long as she wants.

Dadi stands up, telling Imlie that she has disappointed her and states that she wishes Imlie was not her daughter-in-law but an aunt who would have explained to her mother the same thing.

Rajni also gets emotional, thinking about her own story and cries being consoled by Govind while Dadi goes to Sonali and states that she will not take away her freedom but she has to understand that she is married and has that responsibility on her shoulders also.

She blesses her, telling her to remember that a husband-wife's connection is even deeper than a blood relation.

Agastya kicks Imlie out

Later, at night, Agastya gets angry, recalling Imlie's words in the afternoon while Imlie knocks on his door recalling Dadi's words about marriage being the deepest bond.

Agastya drags her inside and after locking the doors and windows, he starts scolding her for acting great to stop Sonali when she is being sent away.

Imlie tries to speak but he interrupts her, telling her that he knows she is doing this so that she continues to get money from him and won't be able to loot him once Sonali leaves and he gets the company.

She gets angry, asking him if he even knows the real reason why she stopped Sonali from leaving and is about to tell him but he tells her that he doesn't need to know his family from her, kicking her out of the room.

Imlie bangs on the door asking him to open the door and hides, seeing Rajni coming towards her.

As Imlie comes downstairs, she hears Sonali's cries and gets worried as she goes to check on her.

Hearing Rajni's footsteps, Imlie again goes to hide but gets caught by Nyonika who comments on her marriage not being a happy one since she has started fighting so early in the marriage.

Agastya comes there just then and subtly mocks Nyonika for interfering in their parsers and tells her not to worry since she'll leave once she's better.

He takes Imlie to their room and they both get into an argument as Imlie tells him that she doesn't wish to be near him and tries to leave but he stops her.

Imlie gets angry, seeing him holding her by the shoulders and tells her that they have to stay together as they have a contractual marriage.

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