Imlie (Imli) 6th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 6th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 6th December 2023 episode starts with Imlie telling Karan to call Yashi home once so everyone can meet her while Karan tells her that he is not ready to marry yet. 

Imli tells him that she is not talking about marriage but only a formal introduction to the family members. 

Govind, Chutki, and Annapurna all agree with Imlie’s idea and insist Karan call his girlfriend home. 

Karan tries to cop his way out but Annapurna tells him that she does not want him to repeat the same mistake as Agastya. 

Later, Karan comes to Imli, telling her that he trusted her but she betrayed him. 

However, Imli tells him that she has not told anyone anything and has given him a choice instead to either tell them about Bulbul or bring his fake girlfriend home. 

Elsewhere, Vishwa is investigating the car when he finds a mask and keeps it as evidence.

Navya sees him with a mask and tells him that he should not go after Imlie but Vishwa tells him that it is his duty. 

He also tells her that Imlie’s life comes into danger only after she becomes associated with the Chowdhery family which means Imlie has some past relationship with the Chowdherys.

On the other hand, Sonali and Chutki come to Imlie on her invitation and ask her what is troubling her. 

Imlie tells them that she wants to bring Agastya and Annapurna back to good terms and for that, she needs their help. 

Sonali takes no interest, saying no one did this for her so why should she bother with Agastya and Annapurna?

However, Imlie reminds her that she also wants to see Annapurna happy and she only knows them best. 

On being asked, Sonali tells Imlie that only Chowdhery sweets are one common factor that can bring them together. 

Later, Agastya is surprised to hear that Imlie wants Chowdhery sweets Laddoo recipe while Imlie tells him that she wants to make it for Karan’s girlfriend. 

Agastya brings the recipe but tells Imlie that she will have to answer his question about her past to get the recipe. 

Imlie replies that she cannot tell him anything as she does not know anything about her parents. 

Agastya looks shocked to hear it while Imlie tells him that she and her sister were sent away in a river when she was very young.

He taunts her for feeding him another movie plot but realises his mistake, seeing Imlie’s tears. 

Imlie tells him that Kaki Ma raised them for a few years but they came to Mama Mami when she passed away.

Later, Imlie, Sonali and Chutki bring out the things to make the Laddoo but keep blundering with the recipe so that Annapurna can hear and react. 

Agastya who was watching from the balcony, comes rushing to stop Imlie from spoiling the laddoos. 

Annapurna also comes there and sets Imlie off, telling her that she should not be making the laddoos if she knows nothing. 

Finally, Imlie’s plan works when Annapurna and Agastya work in harmony, making the Laddoos.

After a while, Annapurna realises that she is angry with Agastya and walks out from there. 

Imlie comes after Annapurna, telling her to forgive Agastya when she is the wrong one. 

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