Imlie (Imli) 7th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 7th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 7th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya fighting off the goons leading everyone to get injured when his notice falls into an injured Imlie.

He holds Imlie close to himself and tries to bring her back to her senses but fails, ultimately leading him to cry out.

After a while, Agastya picks Imlie up and walks forward to his car during which he urges Imlie to be awake.

Slowly, Imlie opens her eyes making Agastya relieved who then puts her down and urges her to drink water. 

However, Imlie refuses as Agastya earlier wished for Imlie to get vulnerable to danger when Agastya requests her to drink water tearfully. 

Just then, a bus horn is heard and Imlie gets up on the bus despite Agastya pleading with her not to get up on the bus.

The bus drives forward while Agastya looks on defeatedly.

Later, Agastya reaches home and seeing him Rajni asks him about Imlie when Annapurna states that Imlie's gone to Pallo's as she's not well.

Annapurna asks Agastya if he's dropped Imlie at Pallo's, making Agastya lie that he did ultimately going to his room.

Inside, Agastya tries calling Imlie continuously while from the other side, the phone rings and Imlie attends to it.

The call turns out to be Ashu's from the hospital which makes Imlie emotional after which she asks him how's he.

Ashu states that he's fine and asks Imlie when will she come to meet him, making Imlie state that she'll be back after she completes her work.

The doctor too talks to Imlie and tells her to manage more than 4 lakhs for Ashu's surgery, making Imlie state that she'll get the money soon.

Imlie hangs up the call while from the mansion, a worried Agastya calls Pallo up to ask about Imlie.

From a relative's wedding, Pallo picks up Agastya's call and tells him that she's at her relatives' wedding, making Agastya realise that Imlie is alone at home.

Agastya realises he can't leave Imlie alone and after a while, he reaches her home and knocks on the door.

However, Imlie doesn't open the door as Agastya in the past had behaved very badly with her leading Agastya to ask Imlie to open the door as he needs to see her.

Agastya sees Imlie from the window and seeing that she's still injured, urges her to take medicines but Imlie says that her emotional wounds have no medicines.

He requests her to have medicines while Imlie tells Agastya that it was he who had cursed her not to come back, adding that she deserves all the bad things.

Agastya tells Imlie that he told all those hurtful things to her in the past and urges her to open the door as he needs to take her to the doctor but Imlie faints inside.

Seeing that Imlie has fainted, Agastya goes to the door and breaks it open after which he comes inside and puts Imlie on the bed.

Agastya takes off Imlie's bangles, earrings and other accessories ultimately washing her wounds off with warm water.

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