Imlie (Imli) 7th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 7th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 7th October 2023 episode starts with Agastya walking out of the premises when Dadi seeing him gets worried, leading her to call up Jugnu.

She asks him to follow Agastya and give her updates.

In the rain, Ashu cries about everyone being asleep in their homes and Imlie to cheer Ashu up by dancing in the rain.

Imlie then asks Ashu to sleep but unluckily, a branch falls, making Imlie's kaccha house break and Ashu cries.

She caresses Ashu, leading her to realise that Ashu is down with a fever, and seeing a rickshaw, Imlie takes him to the dispensary.

However, the security guard tells Imlie to take Ashu to a private hospital but Imlie tells the guard that she'll arrange money.

The guard agrees and Ashu is let in while at Chaudhary's, the family members get into a fight with Alka, who insists Dadi hand over the business to Sonali.

Dadi hushes the fight and scolds them for fighting amongst themselves, adding that she'll make decisions related to business and shoo everyone away to sleep.

Outside, Ashu wakes up and goes out to search for Imlie, while the guard asks Ashu to come back.

Meanwhile, Imlie hops into Agastya's Mansion and thinks to herself how will she find Agastya, after which she calls him out.

Seeing no reply, Imlie realises everyone's asleep while in the rain, Ashu crying searches for Imlie and in the same road, Agastya sees a blurry figure.

Agastya approaches him with his car, making Ashu call out for Imlie and Agastya quickly presses the brake.

He hits his head on the steering wheel and gets unconscious, leading Jugnu to see all this, who calls up Dadi and tells her that Agastya has met with an accident.

This leads Dadi to get a shock after which she faints and hits her heads while Imlie is unaware of all this & goes inside.

Seeing Dadi, Imlie attends to her while outside, Jugnu attends to Agastya, and hearing Jugnu's shouts, other passers-by attend to him too.

After a while, Agastya gains senses and freaks out about Ashu, asking everyone if they've seen him.

Meanwhile, Imlie tries to make Dadi come to her senses but Dadi murmurs out Gattu leading Imlie to wonder who Gattu is and instantly runs out.

On the other hand, Agastya hearing Ashu's cries follows in that direction while on a lonely path, two goons kidnap Ashu.

The guard asks the goons to leave Ashu but they slap him and attempt to stride forward, but stop seeing Agastya.

In the meantime, Imlie cries out asking everyone for help but nobody comes in.

Imlie then resolves to cure Dadi by using turmeric on her wound while outside, Agastya fights off the goons, who then run away.

Ashu gets free after which Agastya asks him if he's fine leading Ashu to hug him and ask Agastya if he'll always protect him.

Agastya promises to always protect Ashu but at the same time wonders why he's saying so to a kid he has seen only two times.

A flashback shows Dhanraj telling Kairi that Agastya will love their baby more than him & the flashback ends.

Agastya realises that Ashu has a fever and quickly walks forward while on the other hand, Imlie puts turmeric on Dadi's wound.

Elsewhere, Agastya reaches the hospital and gives Ashu to the doctor, wondering where his mother is.

On the other side, Dadi sees a blurry vision of Imlie, who then tears a piece of her cloth and uses it as a band-aid on Dadi's forehead.

In the hospital, Ashu gets treated while Agastya asks Ashu to give his family's phone number so that he can contact them.

At the Mansion, Imlie tries calling Agastya while in the hospital, Agastya puts his hands in his pocket to take out his phone.

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