Imlie (Imli) 8th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 8th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th December 2023 episode starts with Imlie getting scared by the masked man and she runs away while the murderer follows her.

She tries calling Agastya but to no avail, as Agastya's phone is on silent and he's sleeping.

At the Mansion, Annapurna and Rajni do the preparations for Karam and Yashvi when Navya comes in.

Navya enquires about the happenings in the house as the lights are still on.

Annapurna states that everything is fine and they were working for Yashvi's arrival.

There, Imlie drops her phone and goes to take it but shuts the door on his face when he comes forward.

Meanwhile, Navya asks Annapurna from whom they took the business.

In the meantime, Imlie wakes Bulbul up to take her phone but suddenly, the lights go out as the masked man cuts the wire.

Meanwhile, Annapurna tells Navya about Kunal's dedication going into Chaudhary Sweets. 

She states that for the sweet shop to run, a factory was needed which they ultimately got at a low price.

This makes Navya ask Annapurna what happened with the factory owner next. 

At the village, Imlie screams out for help, making Bulbul get weirded out when Imlie states about the masked man.

Suddenly, the door starts to make creaking noises as someone is pulling it from outside while Imlie and Bulbul decide to stay inside and not allow anyone in.

In a room, Annapurna states that the factory owner's family shifted and never came back. 

Navya asks Annapurna from whom they took the business, making Annapurna state that it was Tej Pratap Singh. 

She gets tearful, making Annapurna ask Navya about her crying leading Navya to blame it on the onions and soon, leaves.

At the shed, the killer puts burning coal smoke outside, making Imlie and Bulbul cough.

Bulbul tells Imlie to open the door as she can't breathe but Imlie disagrees as the killer is outside.

Jugnu tells Agastya that Annapurna is calling him when Agastya happily goes forward. 

Meanwhile, Imlie tells Bulbul to bring the water and ties the dupatta at their noses.

Downstairs, Agastya thanks Annapurna for calling him when Annapurna asks Agastya about Navya's family background. 

Agastya states that he didn't get much information, making Annapurna state that she will tell Karam to do so.

Outside, Imlie and Bulbul extinguish the fire when Imlie hears the phone ringing and decides to go outside.

Bulbul denies it but Imlie states that she has to go to pick up the phone and slowly picks up the phone.

From there, Agastya asks Imlie why is she not picking up the phone when Imlie tries to tell him everything.

Suddenly, a woman scolds Imlie leading Imlie to notice the killer as he signals her to throw the phone lest the woman will be killed.

Agastya asks Imlie about the shouting lady, making Imlie lie and hang up the call while the killer murders the woman.

The killer approaches Imlie who tries closing the door leading Bulbul to come and kick the killer.

Later, Agastya suggests Sonali block Amrit's call, making Sonali state that life is confusing.

Afterwards, Imlie asks Bulbul for the cycle and Bulbul states it's in the passage.

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