Imlie (Imli) 8th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 8th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya tending to Imlie’s wounds while Imlie cries in pain. 

Agastya goes to look for a painkiller and tells her that he will be back soon.

Imlie wakes up with a start recalling her attacker while Agastya tells her that he is with her. 

Meanwhile, Imlie narrates to him the agony he felt at the mercy of those goons and tells him that she was praying for her death before she got captured by them. 

Agastya feels ashamed and guilty as he hugs her tightly, promising her that he will never let this happen to her again and will always be by her side. 

Telling Imlie that she is safe now, settles her on the bed to rest and is about to leave when Imlie holds his hand and asks him that his promise will only be for six months as she will be back to being alone.

Agastya feels weak kneed and helpless, seeing Imlie’s condition and knowing that he is somehow responsible for it. 

The next morning, Nyonika finds Agastya’s wallet on the floor and comes to his room to return it but finds the room empty. 

As she opens the drawer to put his wallet, she finds the divorce papers that Agastya had prepared. 

She feels like a cat with a bowl of cream, thinking that she has Agastya’s secret in her fists. 

Later, Annapurna is preparing for Kanjak's welcome when Imlie and Agastya come there. 

Seeing a bandage on Imlie’s head, Annapurna gets worried while Imlie lies about falling on the floor. 

Just then, Amrit returns home, telling Agastya that he looks even more dashing after his marriage. 

All the family members become happy to see him while Imlie looks worried to see him. 

Further, Amrit comes to Imlie behaving lecherously and tells her that all her secrets are safe with him. 

Meanwhile, Sonali also overhears Amrit from the corner and walks away in disgust. 

Later, Nyonika comes to Agastya telling him that she knows that he and Imlie are not really a couple. 

She also tells him that fate has brought them together as they are meant for each other. 

Agastya tells her not to talk nonsense with him and should go and rest. 

Seeing Agastya leave, she asks him how will he react if his secret comes out in front of everyone. 

She once again goes after Agastya, thinking that Agastya misunderstood her. 

Later, Imlie and the rest of the family perform the Kanjak veneration when Agastya comes there and looks surprised to see Chintamni back in the house. 

Meanwhile, Sonali relishes Agastya’s discomfort and tells him that she has invited him there because his daughter has been a Kanjak every year. 

However, Agastya looks unperturbed and tells her to go and attend to her guests. 

Later, Amrit blocks Imlie’s way and holds her hand , telling her to sing a song and dance for him now that she has come here. 

Imlie tries to get her hand free, thinking about being spotted by the family nearby but Amrit continues to manhandle her. 

Just then, Agastaya sees Amrit standing at the far end and comes walking to him.

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