Imlie (Imli) 9th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 9th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 9th December 2023 episode starts with Bulbul crying in fear, saying that she does not have a phone to call anyone.

Imlie asks her about the cycle and on hearing that it is outside, she tells Bulbul that this time she will go out as the killer wants to kill her. 

Elsewhere, Agastya asks Sonali who should he listen to instead when there is a conflict between mind and heart. 

Sonali is surprised to hear him ask for advice from her and taunts him for this monumental change. 

However, Agastya tells her that she is her elder sister and he has always admired her, requesting her to help him. 

Sonali tells him that he does not need her help as he has Imlie who will always stand by him. 

Meanwhile, Imlie asks her killer why is he trying to kill her and tries to keep him distracted so Bulbul can leave. 

The masked man stares at Imlie while she asks him why is he after her and is shocked to see Agastya’s mother’s photo in his hand. 

Just then, Bulbul makes a noise while the cycle chain is stuck. 

Imlie comes out and stops the man from following Bulbul as she gives up her cover. 

In the meantime, Navya comes home talking to Vishwa that Annapurna is becoming suspicious of her but is shocked to hear that he has not come home. 

On the other hand, Imlie struggles with the killer and once again locks himself in the house but this time the killer breaks open the door. 

At the same time, Bulbul reaches Agastya’s house and tells Agastya that Imlie is in danger. 

Meanwhile, the masked man finds Imlie under the bed and Imlie recognises him to be the same person who has killed before. 

Before the killer can kill Imlie, Agastya arrives and rushes to Imlie’s side who has fainted with fear. 

Seeing the house on fire, and the killer running away, Agastya takes out Imlie from the house when Vishwa comes there out of the blue and both come back home. 

Later, on hearing that Bulbul came to inform them, Imlie becomes worried and asks about her frantically.

Meanwhile, Sonali tells Imlie with sadness that Bulbul has lost the baby. 

Imlie feels shattered at the news and goes to comfort Bulbul.

After a while, Agastya comes to Bulbul’s room and tells her that her boyfriend should be here this time to comfort her and that his absence shows that he is good for nothing.

Meanwhile, Imlie sees Karan standing at the doorway and tells Bulbul that she is one brave girl who was with her every step of the way and has also got help for her which shows that she does not need anyone.   

Agastya also tells Bulbul not to take the man back even if he comes crawling on his knees. 

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