Imlie (Imli) 9th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 9th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 9th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya telling Amrit to give some time to Sonali as well instead of standing alone. 

Meanwhile, Imlie returns to her room feeling helpless and crying thinking about Amrit’s harassment. 

On the other hand, Nyonika comes to Agastya asking him to go out to destress. 

Before Agastya can stop Nyonika from being cosy, Sunita sees them and creates a drama accusing Agastya’s character. 

Agastya warns Sunita, telling her to think before speaking while Sunita retaliates telling him that that if he feels so bad then he should refrain from debauchery. 

Sunita tells Annapurna that rumour has it that Nyonika and Agastya’s wedding broke up because she had an abortion and the father of her child was Agastya.

Annapurna is shocked to hear that and tells Agastaya to shut her up but Agastya remains silent. 

Sunita feels empowered and continue to spew poison about the family tradition of enjoying the honeymoon before the wedding.

Unable to hear more, Agastya tells Sunita that Nyonika did have an abortion but it was not his child.

Agastya apologises to Nyonika for revealing her secret but tells her that his family is hurting and he cannot see that. 

He tells Annapurna to table the discussion for later but Annapurna is fired up and tells him to tell her now what the full truth is. 

On hearing the truth, Annapurna reminds Nyonika how her family taunted her at breaking off this marriage but Agastya remained quiet for her sake. 

She asks her who really is the bad apple, Agastya or her who kept her secret. 

Sunita once again tries to malign Nyonika but Annapurna tells her to stop her poison as this is a family matter. 

At the same time, Nyonika’s parents also come there and tell Annapurna that Agastya leaving Nyonika cannot be set aside despite Nyonika’s transgressions. 

Annapurna tells them that there is no point in rehashing the past but they should take their daughter home and teach her some values. 

Nyonika gets angry and is about to reveal Agastya’s secret but stops when Imlie comes there, defending her. 

Imlie made them realise that Nyonika is not alone in this and where is that person who has left her alone to bear the shame and insult. 

She asks Agastya why did he not confront the person who was involved with Nyonika and leave her alone. 

Annapurna realises Imlie’s perspective and tells her that she has given her food for thought by opening her eyes.   

She apologises to Nyonika while Nyonika thanks Imlie for defending her. 

Later, Nyonika comes back and returns the paper back to Agastya’s file, thinking that she has misjudged Imlie. 

Annapurna is thinking about Imlie’s words while Rajni tells her that Imlie is right as they easily forgive their sons but they put  the daughters on the stand for small-small transgressions. 

Meanwhile, Annapurna tells her that these changes will not come in a day but till then, daughters will have to shoulder the burden of the family’s reputation.

Imlie feels sad thinking about how much they will hate her when they find out that she has also crossed the boundaries of societal obligations for the sake of her family. 

Later, Imlie comes to see off Nyonika who thanks her for defending her and tells her that she never thought that she will become her favourite person after meeting.

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