Imlie (Imli) 9th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 9th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 9th October 2023 episode starts with Sonali buying alu puris from Imlie, while on the other hand, Agastya doesn't like the arrangements. 

Sonali goes to the car and gives some puris to Dadi, thus adding to her happiness and after having it, she appreciates the taste of the puris.

This makes Sonali state that the puris are made by Imlie, who was ousted from her job by Agastya, surprising Dadi. 

On the road, Imlie asks Agastya why he is hesitating to tell the truth, further lashing him since he drove her away from the job. 

Imlie further tells Agastya that he knows she is not guilty, but Agastya asks her to stop and then, calls two constables.

Agastya asks them to check the licence of the stall, thus provoking them to create chaos and the constables oust the stalls from the road.

Offended by Agastya's doing, Imlie tells Agastya the difference between humanity and arrogance, but Agastya remains unshooked.

Later, Imlie goes away with Bunty and the stall and after a while, Agastya leaves the place.

Afterwards, Bulbul along with her mates mock the difficulties of the life of Imlie and seeing this, Imlie suggests they concentrate on studies more.

Bulbul and her mates go away, while Bunty applauds Imlie for her befitting reply to Bulbul.

However, Imlie gets emotional since she wishes to be educated and further gets tensed about how will she gather money for Ashu's treatment.

At Chaudhary's, Alka and others happily discuss the marriage, but Agastya feels least interested.

After a while, Johri arrives with Noyonika when the priest announces that the marriage is to be in two days.

This makes both the families very excited while on the other hand, Imlie gets emotional, seeing her mother Imlie's chain with Atharva in it.

Imlie then puts money for Ashu's treatment and the chain in a plastic packet and throws it inside the water tank.

Meanwhile, Dadi discusses with the caterer the number of sweets that are to be there at the wedding.

However, she gets irritated by Govind's out-of-tune singing leading Dadi to tell Govind that his singing isn't going to feed people.

Manno makes Dadi sit on the sofa, stating that she'll give orders to the family, during which Dadi applauds Alka for participating in Agastya's wedding.

Alka tells Dadi that Agastya might be her stepson but the marriage alliance was sent to her, which is why she's participating in the preparations.

Sonali takes Alka to a corner, asking her to reveal her intentions behind participating in Agastya's wedding, making Alka say that even if the marriage happens, the business will still be Sonali's.

Suddenly, Agastya comes in telling that he knows things, making Sonali and Alka shocked while at the village, Imlie searches for her money in the tank.

To her shock, Imlie doesn't find it and alerts Bulbul and Pallo about it, who tells her that they've not seen anything.

A flashback reveals that Bulbul saw Imlie hiding the money and chain in the water tank and after she was gone, she stole it and gave it to Pallo.

Bulbul and Pallo start hitting their heads feigning that a robbery has taken place, but Imlie feels that something is fishy.

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