Indian Idol 14 11th February 2024 Written Update, Episode 38, Sukhwinder Singh

Indian Idol 14 11th February 2024 Written Update, Episode 38, Sukhwinder Singh

Indian Idol 14 11th February 2024 Written Update, Episode 38, New Guests Today, Top 8 Contestants, Best Performances This Week, New Guests Today

Sony TV is back with its iconic singing reality show Indian Idol, premiering its 14th season.

The latest promo for this weekend's Indian Idol 14 (11 February 2024) shows the contestants giving their best performances to win the hearts of the judges and the audience.

With the competition getting tough, the competing Top 8 contestants try to bring their best performance to get the judges’ favour and good scores.

Another promo for this weekend's Indian Idol season 14 (11-02-2024) shows Sukhwinder Singh coming to Indian Idol as a special guest of the show.

Piyush gives a dashing performance as he sings one of Sukhwinder Singh's popular tunes and impresses all the judges.

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Indian Idol 14 11th February 2024 Written Update

Today's episode begins with Kumar Sanu welcoming the great poet Javed Akhtar as Hussain sends him off to his seat telling his life achievements and how he has been mesmerizing each one of us with his magic penned down into poetry and lyrics.

Meanwhile, Hussain invites Obam to the stage as he makes the entire audience oblivion as he starts to sing “Sagar jaisi aankho vali”. 

Shreya Ghoshal appreciates his husky voice which adds texture to the song as Javed ji recites his anecdotes while composing this song.

Next Hussain calls Anjana to the stage and starts with the energetic song “Hawa Hawai” surprising the judges as they keep complimenting her in between the songs.

As she finishes the song, the judges give her a standing ovation as they applaud her.

Javed Ji complimented her for her preciseness as he shared a story related to it.

Next up, Deepan lights up the stage with his melodious song as he covers “Sach mere yaar hai”.

The audience and the judges compliment him as Javed Ji says that if he could, he could have given him ten out of ten.

Meanwhile, Javed Ji tells his experience regarding one of his song compositions after which he asks Kumar Shanu and Shreya to hum the song “Dekha ek khwab” as they both fill the air with the melody of this song. 

Next to the queue, is Vaibhav who shares his experience of having his aunt around for a week as he calls her on the stage and expresses his gratitude towards her for always being there.

Vaibhav dedicates his song, “Mai jaha rahu” to his mothers.

Shreya compliments him saying that his singing has soul while Javed Ji says that he was very good with higher notes.

He takes the audience deep into the dynamics of relationships and bonds.

Next up, Hussain calls Adya onto the stage as she lights up the stage with her powerful voice as she covers the song “Jiya Lage na” as the Audience keeps applauding her.

She gets a standing ovation from Kumar Shanu as Shreya appreciates her for her textured voice while they consider this performance lit.

Hussain calls Shubho Deep as Hussain shows a video of Kavita ji appreciating him.

He starts singing “Kal ho na ho” as his voice resonates with the melody of his surroundings.

He finishes this song while the audience applauds him.

Shreya tells him to work on his clarity and Vishal tells him that it needs a little more improvement.

Shubho requested Javed ji to tell him how he got the form of the song “Breathless”. 

Hussain calls Piyush next to weave the air into his rhythms as he sings “tanhai".

He gets done with the song and the judges applaud him while Javed ji says that he did justice to the restlessness of this song.

Next up is Ananya on the stage as she sings “Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum”.

Shreya tells her to sing this song with some emotions and feelings.

Meanwhile, Hussain shows her a message her father has sent for her.

Her father's message moves everyone as their eyes become teary while the contestants come to console her.


Indian Idol 14 11th February 2024 Episode Promo, Update

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