Indian Idol 14 4th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 9

Indian Idol 14 4th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 9

Indian Idol 14 4th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 9, New Guests Today, Top 15 Contestants, Best Performances This Week

Indian Idol 14 4th November 2023 Written Update

Today's episode starts with Hussian welcoming the famous director Mahesh Bhatt on the stage who announces that he will gift the vinyl of his 1984 film Saaransh to the best singer.

Muskan wins everyone's heart

Everyone gets excited after hearing this when Hussian welcomes the first participant today, Muskan Srivastava and she wins everyone's heart with her melodious singing of "Tum Meri Zindegi Ho".

Shreya Ghosal compliments Muskan by saying that she drinks honey.

After Muskan's performance, Gayathry Rajiv also gave a soothing performance by singing the song "Tum Mile" and all the judges compliment her for this.

Gayathry urges Shreya Ghosal to sing the "Sun Raha Hey Na Tu" song which Shreya accepts gladly and the two of them create a magical moment on the set with thing singing.

Meanwhile, Subhodeep Das Chowdhury impresses the judges with his singing skills, and Mahesh Bhatt comments that Subhodeep has a very crisp voice.

Afterward, Mahima Bhattacharjee arrives on the stage, singing the song "Sabko Bhuladungi" which lends her a golden buzzer from the judges.

Mahesh Bhatt even gives Mahima fifty-three rupees, saying that it was his first earning and that he wants Mahima to become a great singer.

When Vaibhav Gupta's turn comes, he makes everyone groove with his powerpack singing.

Mahesh shares his story

Later, Menuka Poudel surprises everyone with her singing of the "Gali Main Aaj Chand Nikla" song when Mahesh Bhatt gets teary-eyed for a few minutes.

Menuka gets a standing ovation from everyone including the judges while Mahesh Bhatt reveals that he has portrayed his betrayal through this song.

At the same time, Surendra Kumar enters the stage and gives a soothing performance of the song "Jiya Dhadak Dhadak", earning a row of compliments from the judges.

Mahesh claims that Surendra has won everyone's heart with his perfect singing and the judges give Surendra a golden buzzer for his performance.

After Surendra, Anjana Padhmanabhu takes everyone in awe as she sings the song "Khamoshiya" which is originally a male song.

Shreya Ghosal comments that Anjana has given a new perspective to this song while Mahesh Bhatt states that Anjana has shown a whole movie throughout this song.

Afterward, all the contestants come together on the stage to pay tribute to Mahesh Bhatt by singing the iconic songs of his movies which makes Mahesh Bhatt very emotional.

He gives the vinyl to everyone, stating that everyone has impressed him today with their performances.

Shreya Ghosal then declares Menuka Poudal and Vaibhav Gupta as the performers of the day.

End of today's 4th November 2023 Indian Idol 14 written update.

Indian Idol 14 4th November 2023 Episode Promo, Update

Sony TV is back with its iconic singing reality show Indian Idol which is premiering its 14th season.

The latest promo for this weekend's Indian Idol 14 (4 November 2023) shows glimpses of the performances with talented singers performing in front of Shreya Ghosal, Vishal Dadlani, and Kumar Sanu.

The Top 15 contestants sing their songs on stage with the judges getting ready to judge them.

Another promo for this weekend's Indian Idol season 14 (04-11-2023) shows the contestants amazing the judges with their powerful vocals.

Shreya Ghosal says that it will be very difficult for them to judge the contestants as everyone is greatly talented.

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