Indian Idol 14 7th October 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Indian Idol 14 7th October 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Indian Idol Season 14 7th October 2023 Written Update, Episode 1, New Guests Today, Selected Contestants, Auditions This Week, Best Performers, Watch the full show online on SonyLiv

Sony TV is back with its iconic singing show Indian Idol which is premiering its 14th season.

The latest promo for this weekend's Indian Idol 14 (7 October 023) shows glimpses of the auditions where the judges get introduced to the new talents of the new season.

Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani, and Kumar Sanu get excited to hear the various singing talents and choose the best among them.

Another promo for this weekend's Indian Idol season 14 (07-10-2023) shows a contestant named Mismi performing the song "Ore Priya" which is a difficult song to sing.

Shreya joins Mismi to sing the song together as she gets impressed by her vocal power and melodious sense.

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Indian Idol 13 7th October 2023 Written Update

Today's episode starts with the Grand Premiere of the new season of Indian Idol beginning.

Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani, and Kumar Sanu come on stage, saying that Kolkata is their first spot to find the talent of India.

The first contestant, Prakram starts singing the song ‘Sapno Se Bhare Naina” with his beautiful voice and ends up getting a standing ovation from all three judges.

Shreya Ghoshal appreciates his rhythm and the judges hit the lit buzzer to express his selection.

The next contestant comes Anjana Padmanabhan, who appears to be a contestant of Saregamapa Junior 10 years back.

She starts performing her song, Aye Udi Udi Udi with her melodious voice while judges are surprised to witness her jaw-dropping performance and welcome her new journey by hitting the buzzer.

The next contestant, Ankit appears on the stage, hailing from Kanpur and performs Humko peenie hai song with all his heart, making the judges look at him in disbelief as they are shocked to witness the variations in his voice.

The judges give him a standing ovation along with a lit performance buzzer.

Finally, Hussain Kuwajerwala (Anchor) appears on the stage, performing the Shayari about returning to his home after so long while the judges are delighted to see him.

The next contestant, Menuka appears on the stage with a guide as she is blind yet full of life and performs the song beautifully, O Palan Hare, breaking Shreya's heart as she gets overwhelmed to see her talent.

Vishal gets emotional while the judges gift her a golden mic when the lit buzzer goes off leading Menuka to perform a song with Shreya Ghoshal on the stage.

Later, Karnoi Megha and Mohan join the stage together with a guitar in their hands, when a clip showcases how they met each other on a train.

Mohan performs the Sukoon Mila song with his sweet voice, mixing it with his high-note skills while Megha starts singing the song Shaam and successfully sets a whole different mood on the stage.

The judges praise their coordination, find their Jodi amazing and hit the Lit buzzer.

The next comes, Mismi who performs one of Shreya's songs, More Piya while Shreya looks at her admiringly as she reveals how difficult this song is.

The judges gift Mismi with a golden mic leading Shreya to perform the same song on stage with her.

End of Today's 7th October 2023 Indian Idol Episode.

Indian Idol 14 7th October 2023 Episode Promo, Update

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