India's Best Dancer 3 14th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 12, Eliminations

India's Best Dancer 3 14th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 12, Eliminations

India's Best Dancer 3 14th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 12, Selected Contestants, Judges, Hosts, Mentors, Best Performers, Dancers, IBD 3 Choreographers, Voting, Watch the full show online on SonyLiv

India's Best Dancer 3 14th May 2023 Written Update

Today's India's Best Dancer 3 14th May 2023 episode starts with the host Jay Bhanushali welcoming the audiences for another episode of IBD.

Host Jay calls Vipul and Anjali for the face-off challenge where Vipul amuses judges with his beautiful lyrical dance.

Further, Anjali performs a peppy old classic with a twist of hip-hop.

Vipul and Anjali challenge each other on Tumse Milke Dil ka hai jo Haal while the judges enjoy their performances.

Anjali wins the Best ka Double Challenge and gets the Bonus of 5 marks.

The next contenders to challenge each other are Hansvi and Shivam.

The judges wholeheartedly enjoy their battle as they battle it out on Jashn-e-ishqa.

Hansvi and Shivam receive a standing ovation while Shivam wins over Hansvi and gets a bonus of 5 marks.

Samarpan steals the show!

Shivanshu and Samarpan are onto the stage to prove one better than the other.

The boys put their heart into their performances making it difficult for judges to choose the winner.

Sonali Bendre is left speechless with the performance while Samarpan gets the bonus 5 marks over Shivanshu.

Ram and Apeksha are the next contestants to perform their dance for the Best Ka Double Challenge.

Ram wins over Apeksha in the Battle of Best Ka Double Challenge.

Boogie LLB gets the BONUS 5 Marks!

Jay Bhanushali calls Akshay and Aniket and Boogie LLB for the face-off challenge.

The boys make the judge swoon with their performances while Boogie gets the winner tag over Akshay and Aniket in the challenge.

Sushmita and Norbu are the next contenders for the Challenge round.

The best friends give each other a tough fight to get the Bonus-5.

Norbu steals the show and gets the deserving bonus of 5 marks by beating Sushmita in the dance face-off.

End of today's India's Best Dancer 3 14th May 2023 written update.

India's Best Dancer 3 14th May 2023 Episode 12, IBD Season 3 Latest Promo

The latest promo for this weekend's India's Best Dancer 3 (14th May 2023) gives a glimpse of another promising yet fun-filled episode.

The theme for the episode is Best Ka Double Challenge to prove themselves better than the other.

Judges and audience will be left speechless with the head-on duets between the contenders.

Another promo for this weekend's IBD 3 (14-05-2023) gives a snippet of the Best Friends Norbu and Sushmita performing their best to challenge each other in the duet round along with their contestants.

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