India's Best Dancer 3 17th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 20, Top 10, Dosti Special Full Episode

India's Best Dancer 3 17th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 20, Top 10, Dosti Special Full Episode

India's Best Dancer 3 17th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 21, Selected Contestants, Judges, Hosts, Mentors, Best Performers, Dancers, IBD 3 Choreographers, Voting, Watch the full show online on SonyLiv

India's Best Dancer 3 17th June 2023 Written Update

Today's India's Best Dancer 3 17th June 2023 episode starts with the host Jay Bhanushali welcoming the audiences for another episode of IBD.

Everyone displays a lovely group performance on the theme of friendship, which makes the judges go aww moment.

Perfect 30 for Akshay and Vartika

The first contestant to take the stage is Akshay Pal, who along with his choreographer Vartika Jha, performs a wonderful dance depicting their friendship to the song "Sun Ri Sakhi."

The judges give them a standing ovation while scoring them a perfect 30.

The next contestant Aniket Chauhan, along with Rupesh Soni does a fantastic dance to 'Neeche Phoolon Ki Dukan' that thoroughly entertains the judges.

Geeta compliments Rupesh on his choreography and Terance declares that he will absolutely harness him as his choreographer in the future, giving them a 30/30.

Jay Bhanushali then invites B Praak to the IBD stage with enthusiastic applause.

Impeccable 30 for Hansvi and Anuradha

Hansvi Tonk along with Anuradha Lyengar is next to dazzle the stage with her sharp dance moves on "Tu Jo Mila " which earns her excellent feedback from Terence Lewis. 

Geeta Kapoor presses the golden buzzer for portraying the beautiful message through their dance while Terrance compliments Hansi on her exquisite performance of contemporary dance.

Vipul Kandpal is next with his choreographer Raktim Thakuria to grace India's Best Dancer Season 3 stage with a dance performance.

Their amazing performance on the song 'Luka Chupi' moves the judges to tears, earning them a score of 24/30.

Jay then informs that Samarpan will be performing solo as a result of Paramdeep's health.

Terrance gives Samarpan a 27/30 after he performs gracefully on the song 'Pani Da Rang'.

End of today's India's Best Dancer 3 17th June 2023 written update.

India's Best Dancer 3 17th June 2023 Episode 21, IBD Season 3 Latest Promo

The latest promo for this weekend's India's Best Dancer 3 (17th June 2023) gives a glimpse into this week’s Dosti special episode with the special guest Aruna Irani.

The theme for the episode is Dance Ka Fest, where all dance genres will be mixed and portrayed to the viewers.

In the episode, the contestants will compete against each other and perform on the theme of friendship while Aruna Irani will give her comments and compliments to the contestants.

Another promo for this weekend's IBD 3 (17-06-2023) gives a snippet of the contestant Akshay and his choreographer Vartika Jha performing gracefully on the song ‘Sakhi’ and earning compliments from all the judges.

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