India's Best Dancer 3 20th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 13, Top 12, Full Episode

India's Best Dancer 3 20th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 13, Top 12, Full Episode

India's Best Dancer 3 20th May 2023 Written Update, Episode 13, Selected Contestants, Judges, Hosts, Mentors, Best Performers, Dancers, IBD 3 Choreographers, Voting, Watch the full show online on SonyLiv

India's Best Dancer 3 20th May 2023 Written Update

Today's India's Best Dancer 3 20th May 2023 episode starts with the host Jay Bhanushali welcoming the audience for another episode of IBD.

Judge Geeta announces the parameter of the power the union holds of a contestant and the choreographer.

She further informs the contestants about scoring 11 than 10 and will save themselves from elimination.

Anjali and Aryan are on the stage for the first performance.

They receive a standing ovation for their performance and get 30/30.

Host Jay calls Hansvi and Anuradha for their performance for the Ek aur Ekgyarah challenge.

Terence appreciates the girls for exemplifying Indian culture through their performance.

Aniket gets Perfect 33!

The next contestant on the stage is Aniket with Rupesh who performs on Oo Bijuraiya and amuses the judges with their performance.

The boys receive a standing ovation and the PERFECT 33/33.

Norbu and Tushar are on the stage for their performance on Oo Jaane Jaana.

Judges enjoy their energetic performance and the boys receive a standing ovation.

Vipul and Raktim gets the Perfect 33!

Jay calls Vipul with his choreographer Raktim on the stage for the Ek aur Ek Gyarah challenge.

The duo leaves the judges’ panel astonished with their performance and they get the PERFECT 33/33.

Another 33 for the day!

The next contestant is Shivanshu and Shweta who leave the judges speechless with their Gharba and get 33/33.

Ram along with Pankaj are on the stage and perform on the soundtrack of the year Deva-Deva.

The judges appreciate Ram for his performance with Pankaj.

End of today's India's Best Dancer 3 20th May 2023 written update.

India's Best Dancer 3 20th May 2023 Episode 13, IBD Season 3 Latest Promo

The latest promo for this weekend's India's Best Dancer 3 (20th May 2023) gives a glimpse of another promising yet fun-filled episode.

The theme for the episode is "Ek Aur Ek Gyarah" to prove themselves better than the others and secure their position.

Judges Geeta announces the first elimination of India's Best Dancer Season 3.

Another promo for this weekend's IBD 3 (20-05-2023) gives a snippet of the Contestant Norbu and Choreographer Tushar performing their best on the track I Love You from the movie Bodyguard making the judges confess their love to the performance.

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