India's Best Dancer 3 24th September 2023 Written Update, IBD Season 3 Episode 50

India's Best Dancer 3 24th September 2023 Written Update, IBD Season 3 Episode 50

India's Best Dancer 3 24th September 2023 Written Update, IBD 3 Episode 50, Best Performers, Dancers, Choreographers, Judges Scores

India's Best Dancer 3 24th September 2023 Written Update 

Today's India's Best Dancer 3 24th September 2023 episode starts with the contestants returning from the Ganpati Temple and distributing the Prasad to everyone on stage.

Further, host Jay announces that the top 5 will be giving their performances now and welcomes Aniket Chauhan and choreographer Kartik on the stage for the first performance.

Anjali is the real-life Kavya

His journey is shown while Aniket thanks the show and judges saying that they have given him a lot.

They give a comedic performance on the song 'Tauba Tauba' and entertain the judges earning 27 points.

Further, the cast of the upcoming show Kavya, Sumbul Touqueer makes her entry and promotes her show while revealing how she has been a fan of all the contestants.

Afterward, Anjali and choreographer Akash Thapa set fire to the stage with their sensual performance on the song 'Hai Rama' impressing all the judges.

The pair gets a perfect score of thirty while the judges stand up giving them a standing ovation.

Anjali's journey brings tears to her eyes along with other contestants getting emotional.

Sonali sits with Anjali and tells her that she's always with her while Sumbul states how Anjali is the real-life Kavya who fights the struggles of her life.

Further, Shivanshu's journey is showing making everyone smile at the boost of confidence he has gotten from the start till now.


Shivanshu's teacher surprises him with her entry bringing tears to his eyes and talking about how grateful he is to his master.

Shivanshu and his choreographer Vivek stun the judges with their emotional performance on the song 'Ali Maula' while using sand as a prop and his journey.

The pair also got a perfect score of third as Shivanshu appealed for his vote.

His teacher comes on stage and talks about how Shivanshu has encouraged many others to take classes and shut the mouths of anyone who talked ill about Shivanshu learning a classical dance being a boy.

Judge Terence Lewis requests the teacher and Shivanshu to dance and get mesmerized by their performance.

Afterwards, it's time for Samarpan and a smile spreads on his face seeing his journey while Sonali reveals that only his family was unable to come.

However, since she considers him family she will come and feed him sweets.

As he is being fed sweets, Samarpan's father comes from behind and surprises him making him cry out in happiness.

He hugs his father and calls him sexy out of shock revealing how he has wanted his father to watch him perform for seven years.

Further, Samarpan and his choreographer Bhavna give a romantic performance on the song Beintehaa earning him a score of 28.

Samarpan gets emotional

Samarpan's father gets called on the stage next and he talks about how he missed a lot in Samarpan's childhood due to his work but he is proud of him.

Samarpan gets emotional as he talks about the incident when a few debt collectors came to his house asking for money which made him realize the importance of money.

Afterward, Tony Kakkar and Manisha Rani grace the stage and greet everyone while promoting their song 'Jamna Paar'.

Lastly, it is time for Vipul's performance and he wows the judges with his storytelling skills once again with his performance on the song 'Teri Deewani' and earns a perfect score.

He gets a surprise video call from his students making him get emotional.

Manisha and Tony take their leave after dancing with the contestants as the contestants give a mashup performance for the last time.

End of Today's India's Best Dancer (IBD) Season 3 24th September 2023 Episode 50.

India's Best Dancer Season 3 24th September 2023, Episode 50 Latest Promo:

India's Best Dancer Season 3 has been captivating the viewers with its breathtaking dance acts and incredible talent.

The latest promo of this weekend's India's Best Dancer 3 (24 September 2023) showcases the magnificent celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi when everyone adorns traditional outfits.

The celebration resulted in the jaw-dropping entrance of the renowned Shilpa Sherry, while the contestants showcased their mind-blowing performances, leaving her in awe and she couldn't help but be impressed.

The latest promo of this weekend's India's Best Dancer Season 3 (24-09-2023) shows us a sneak peek of the participants giving their all alongside their choreographer.

The suspense builds as the top 5 will be chosen on the same day, leaving everyone in shock.

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