India's Best Dancer 3 30th September 2023 Written Update, IBD Season 3 Episode 51

India's Best Dancer 3 30th September 2023 Written Update, IBD Season 3 Episode 51

India's Best Dancer 3 30th September 2023 Written Update, IBD 3 Episode 51, Best Performers, Dancers, Choreographers, Judges Scores

India's Best Dancer 3 30th September 2023 Written Update 

Today's India's Best Dancer 3 30th September 2023 episode starts with a special performance of all the contestants with the finalists.

The judges get happy seeing all the contestants dancing together once again.

Special Guests on stage!

All the contestants end up on the stage dancing in sync after which Jay Soni welcomes the top 5 finalists.

He reminds everyone how the winner will get the titular trophy along with 15 Lakh Rupees of cash prize.

Further, Judges Sonali and Geeta Maa reveal a golden box that holds a secret that the contestants will get later.

Jay further welcomes special quests Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff who greet everyone and reveal how they are fans of all the dancers.

Afterward, Jay talks about Aniket and asks his mother how she feels about him becoming a finalist.

She reveals how she used to make small pouches but God has given her happiness in a small pouch in the form of Aniket.

Without further ago, Aniket takes on the stage and lights it on fire with his awesome moves on a mashup song showcasing his skills in different genres.

As the performance ends, the special guests praise him.

He finally finishes his wish to dance with both Geeta Maa and Sonali Bendre along with special guests Kriti Sanon.

Kriti calls him cute while Jay tells him to act and he does so in a funny way making everyone laugh.

Sonali talks about how she resonates with the next finalist and talks to Anjali's mother telling her how Anjali is a winner in her eyes.

Anjali takes on the stage with her choreographer Akash Thapa and performs on a mashup of songs showing off her tutting skills and other impressive signature moves.

Further, surprising everyone, famous actor Govinda makes his entry making everyone excited.

Special performance for the finalists

Shivanshu graces the stage next and leaves everyone in awe of his precise yet soft moves.

Tiger praises him and even gives Shivanshu his lucky necklace.

Jay welcomes Hussain Kuwajerwala who is making his comeback as a host after eight years as a host on Indian Idol.

Afterward, he makes them play dumb charades while the winning team does the hookstep of the given song.

Vipul Khandelwal takes over the stage next and he mesmerizes everyone with his emotion-packed performance.

All the contestants dance with Govinda afterward as Tiger and Kriti reveal that they would love to see a cipher on their son 'Hum Aai Hai'.

Govinda further dances with Sonali and makes everyone happy.

Afterward, child dancers get on the stage and dance for all the finalists and the finalists get emotional as they rush to the stage and hug the kids.

Pavandeep Rajan and other singers graced the stage next to sing and promote the upcoming season of Indian Idol.

Samarpan gives the next performance which is a romantic one making everyone gaze in surprise.

He gets a ain't surprise after his performance and he gets excited as three ladies come out and start dancing.

However, they all turn out to be boys.


The Indian Idol guests take their leave as the choreographers give a special performance afterward.

Sonali and Geeta finally reveal the secret of the golden box which contains a plus ten bonus coin which they will give a finalist of their choice after a dance battle.

The finalists again do a last dance and fight for the plus ten with Anjali becoming the winner of those ten plus points.

Jay announces that it's time for the results and reveals the positions from the bottom.

Vipul comes in at the fifth position while Aniket comes in at 4th rank and Shivanshu Soni at the third position leaving Anjali and Samarpan.

Finally, Jay shouts out revealing Samarpan to be the winner of India's Best Dancer 3 leading Anjali to come out as the runner-up while Bhavna Khanduja got 5 lakhs as the winning choreographer.

End of India's Best Dancer (IBD) Season 3.

India's Best Dancer Season 3 30th September 2023, Episode 51 Latest Promo:

India's Best Dancer Season 3 has been captivating the viewers with its breathtaking dance acts and incredible talent.

The latest promo of this weekend's India's Best Dancer 3 (30 September 2023) showcases Sonali Bendre congratulating Samarpan for making it to the finale after all his hard work and dedication. 

She extends her congratulations by surprising Samarpan with a sweet treat leading the entire group of dancers to join in while his father's unexpected presence makes him emotional and brings tears to everyone's eyes.

Another promo of this weekend's India's Best Dancer Season 3 (30-09-2023) shows Vipul Khandpal's journey, where he reflects on his humble beginnings and how he has achieved great success through his sheer determination and perseverance. 

He reveals that during his initial performance on the show, he mesmerized everyone with his rendition of the song "Chand Chupa Badal Mein.

Nonetheless, all the participants take the opportunity to share their personal journeys with the audience and judges, appealing for their valuable votes as the finale draws near.

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